Outdoor Dog Kennel

Bow Wow How-To: An Outdoor Dog Kennel

If you live in a rural location and have a bit of land, you may want to consider building an outdoor dog kennel rather than having her spend all day inside while you’re at...
Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

5 Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

You’ve been best friends with your dog for a decade or more, but you’ve started to notice some changes in your senior dog's behavior and attitude. Reaching Senior Dog Status By the time she was seven...
pug facts

Why Pugs Are The Best Breed Ever

Pugs are the best creatures that have graced the Earth. That was a bias statement -- not bias because I own a pug, but bias because I am in love with them. Yes, they have...

Deciding On Preventative Care For Your Pets

Sometimes going to the vet with your pet can feel more like visiting a car dealership. All you want to do is get little Fluffy's paw checked out after your dog stepped on a splinter this morning,...
puppy food guideline

The Ultimate Puppy Food Guideline

Are you planning to welcome a new puppy into your home soon? It’s such an exciting time to bring a new life into your world to focus on and have a new best friend.You...
How to stop your dog from digging the yard

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging up Your Yard

Dogs need to be kept active.  If you don’t provide things to keep them busy, your dog may create its own fun in the form of digging for entertainment.  Try these 5 Easy Boredom...
fun facts about pets

Fun Facts about Your Beloved Pets, Both Domestic and Exotic

Pets are complicated creatures. See how many of these fun facts about your beloved pets you already know or how many facts will surprise you!From dogs to iguanas, they're all unique in their own...
dog lovers funny

10 Things Only Dog Owners Understand

Man's best friend, more often than not, proves himself to be an irreplaceable companion in our lives. Sometimes people who've never had a dog just don't understand this placement of dogs in our lives simply...
Getting your dog to take his medicine

A Spoonful of Sugar: How to Get Your Pet to Take His Meds

No one likes taking medications, and it can be much harder to get your dog to take his meds. After all, you cannot reason with him, so you won’t be explaining the best way...
why is my dog dragging his butt

Why Is Your Dog Or Cat Dragging Their Butt On The Floor?

Although it is disturbing to see your cat or dog dragging his butt across your carpet or floor as if he or she is wiping off fecal matter, this sometimes is not the actual truth...
cure dog bad breath

The Truth About Your Dog’s Bad Breath And How To Help

Learn whether it's just regular old smelly dog breath, or instead the potential for a bigger problem. - by Stephen Bowler

Best Apartment Dogs

Adding a dog to your family and your lifestyle often fills a void but choosing the right pet takes considerable research and thought. When living in small spaces such as a condo or apartment,...
Can Dogs Get Ebola

Can Dogs Get Ebola?

It's one of the biggest questions being asked today.
Keep you dog cool this summer

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summertime in all its glory is nearly upon us, and, while we may love the summer, it is important to protect ourselves from too much heat exposure, as it can be dangerous.  Our pets...
Preventing heatstroke in dogs

How To Prevent Heatstroke In Pets

The warmer weather is finally coming back upon us, and we'll soon be spending more time outside. It's at this time of year when we're also a little more prone to want to bring...

Why Your Dog is a Copycat

We know it can be absolutely adorable when dogs copy each other. When they start doing the same precious thing as their furry friends at the park? Or encouraging their own favorite behaviors?We know, we know....
Identify animal abuse

What To Do If You Suspect Animal Abuse

Animal abuse can happen anywhere at any time. From neglect to hoarding situations to domestic violence abuse, animals often face dangerous surroundings and situations every day. While it's upsetting to think about or witness,...
Calm dog breeds

The Calmest Dog Breeds

It’s great having a pet that is on your same temperament. When it comes to dogs, it's easy to assume that they will all be high-energy pups, but that's not always the case. Here are...


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