Everything You Need For Your New Kitten

There’s nothing better than bringing home a new kitten to your family. They’re cute, fluffy and reasonably self-reliant when they are old enough. If you’re a new pet parent, here are some things you will need before bringing home your new furry BFF.

Litter Box

Probably the most important item besides a high quality kitten food is a good litter box. Unless your cat will eventually be an outside kitty, an inside litter box is a must. For little tykes, use a disposable aluminum pan – like the kind you use for roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving – because they aren’t tall enough to climb into a big litter box. Typically … and there are exceptions to this rule … kittens have watched their parents use a litter box and understand what it’s for. There are kittens who just don’t get it and that’s a whole different post altogether. When your cat is older, think about getting a covered litter box because cats like their privacy. We also like clumping litter since it allows you to scoop the urine as well as the feces. Make sure to scoop the litter box at least once per day.


You can go crazy (and broke) buying toys for her and that’s fine. But it’s important to think also about the cheap stuff that they seem to enjoy as well. For example, kittens love to play with rolled up balls of aluminum foil. They’re light and easy to pick up in their little mouths. A feather on a stick is also a fun toy and they love the thrill of the hunt as you pull it along the floor. And don’t forget whiffle balls, those great little plastic balls with holes in them.


Sometimes the best cat toy is a brother or sister. They can keep each other company when you’re out and will be a great comfort to you.


Get a high quality food formulated just for kittens and make sure they have plenty of cool, clean water.

Get to a Vet

Make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as you can to get your new kitten to make sure he/she gets the appropriate round of shots and vaccines.

A new kitten is so exciting and will be your furry BFF for a long time. Treat her well and make sure she always has what she needs.


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com



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