Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccine

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccine: Pros and Cons

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, otherwise known as Feline Aids, is an infection that attacks the immune system of cats. About 1 in 12 cats tests positive for this disease, which can be difficult to detect...
cat nosebleed cause

Four Possible Causes of Feline Nosebleeds

Nobody likes to see their feline friends hurt or sick, and a cat nosebleed are quite possibly the most pitiful site to behold. Not only are feline nosebleeds sad to see, they're also quite scary and...
clean cat dish

The Right Way To Clean Your Cat’s Food And Water Dishes

Every cat owner goes through the hassle of dealing with food and water dishes. Between the constant cat feedings, clean up around the dishes, and cleaning the cat dishes themselves, it's almost more frustration than...
pet toxins detox

Reducing Your Pet’s Toxic Load

Pets suffer from the same kinds of toxic overload people do -- and it happens every day. The mount of toxic sludge our best friends are exposed to is monumental from pesticides to chemicals in...
Toxoplasma gondii cat parasite

Is Your Cat Making You Mentally Ill?

I bet after reading that headline, you're saying, yes, my cat drives me crazy! But actually, new research shows that your cat can actually make you mentally ill, and it's no laughing matter.According to CBS...
preventing heat stroke dogs

Protecting Your Pets From Heat Stroke

It is officially the time of year when heat becomes not only annoying and excessive, but also downright dangerous to animals and humans alike. Pets specifically often get the short end of the stick...

Deciding On Preventative Care For Your Pets

Sometimes going to the vet with your pet can feel more like visiting a car dealership. All you want to do is get little Fluffy's paw checked out after your dog stepped on a splinter this morning,...
pet hospice care

What You Need To Know About Pet Hospice Care

Hospice or end-of-life care is something many of us are familiar with when it comes to humans. However, pet hospice is definitely an option many pet owners are unaware of. Pet Hospice Care When dealing with...
puppy food guideline

The Ultimate Puppy Food Guideline

Are you planning to welcome a new puppy into your home soon? It’s such an exciting time to bring a new life into your world to focus on and have a new best friend.You...
stop cat hairballs

How Do I Stop Cat Hairballs?

When it comes to cats, dealing with frequent hairballs is the nature of the beast. Cats are groomers, and unfortunately they swallow the majority of the fur that they lick, causing a healthy regurgitation...
how to find lost cat

Tips For Finding A Lost Cat

There is nothing more heartbreaking than looking for your cat and not being able to find her. You look in all of her favorite places and even ones she doesn’t always frequent. If your cat...
trimming your cat's whiskers

Cat Whiskers and if it is Safe For You to Cut Them?

Is It Safe To Cut Your Cat Whiskers? Cat whiskers serve a crucial part of the feline anatomy. Care of your pets includes maintenance procedures of the body, their hair, and fur. Although dogs are...
4th of july pet safety tips

Must-Know 4th Of July Safety Tips

Independence Day is right around the corner, and while festivities are a ton of fun for humans, they can be seriously scary for your dog or cat. In fact, according to Pet Amber Alert,...
Getting your dog to take his medicine

A Spoonful of Sugar: How to Get Your Pet to Take His Meds

No one likes taking medications, and it can be much harder to get your dog to take his meds. After all, you cannot reason with him, so you won’t be explaining the best way...
why is my dog dragging his butt

Why Is Your Dog Or Cat Dragging Their Butt On The Floor?

Although it is disturbing to see your cat or dog dragging his butt across your carpet or floor as if he or she is wiping off fecal matter, this sometimes is not the actual truth...
cure dog bad breath

The Truth About Your Dog’s Bad Breath And How To Help

Learn whether it's just regular old smelly dog breath, or instead the potential for a bigger problem.
Can Dogs Get Ebola

Can Dogs Get Ebola?

It's one of the biggest questions being asked today.
Keep you dog cool this summer

How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summertime in all its glory is nearly upon us, and, while we may love the summer, it is important to protect ourselves from too much heat exposure, as it can be dangerous.  Our pets...


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