Fat dog

Slim Down Your Dog With These Useful Tips

Steps you can take to get your pooch back on a healthy track.
rare dog diseases 44

18 Incredibly Rare Dog Diseases You Need To Know

We often talk about dog diseases that are very common, and often, very curable. However, there are scary and rare dog diseases out there that we think every dog owner should know about. Even if the...
Seperation Anxiety Dogs

How to Help Pets Cope with Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety affects many dogs left home alone. All dogs are working dogs in the sense that they want to provide companionship and love. That job is a lot easier during the summer...
trim your dog's nails at home

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails at Home

Your dog’s nails need clipping on a regular basis, and you can trim your dog’s nails at home. When your pet’s nails are allowed to grow excessively, they can become a hazard both for...
Acid Reflux in dogs

Does my Dog have Acid Reflux?

If you have acid reflux yourself, you know how painful it can be. The burning in your throat, the inability to eat makes you feel miserable. The bad news is, your dog can have...
dog farting a lot

Why Do Dogs Fart So Much? (And How You Can Help)

It's funny once or twice, but beyond that it becomes quite disgusting and excessive – nevertheless, many dogs struggle with gas. All dogs, in fact, although we may see it more in some than...
Mange dog cat

The Seriousness Of Mange In Cats & Dogs

One of the scariest diseases that can attack both dogs and cats is mange. Not many pet parents understand the seriousness of the disease. That's why we’ve put together some information in case you’re...
overweight pet cat diet

My Pet Is Overweight, What Should I Look For In A Food?

It happens: We love our furry family members so much that sometimes we can't say no when they beg for more food. Before you know it, your veterinarian puts your pet on the scale,...
elder cat care

The 101 On Caring For Your Elderly Cat

"Your cat is, what...ten? She's officially an elderly cat now, you know." I just glared at the vet, half-heartedly attempting to cover Lucy's ears. My cat wasn't old. In my experience, old cats smelled funny and...
Large dogs

Common Health Issues That Affect Large Dogs

If you're a fan of Rottweilers or Great Danes, you definitely should know about the health issues that affect large dogs.  While these are rarely fatal, they can be worrisome because you always want...
dog dental disease

The Real Dangers Of Canine Dental Disease

If you’ve ever experienced periodontal disease in either yourself or a loved one, you know how painful it can be. This is when your gums are swollen and infected which can create a leakage...
dog anxiety

Signs And Symptoms Of Dog Anxiety Or Distress

Dogs may not be able to use words to communicate how they're feeling, but they certainly do feel things, and they have their own way of communicating. It's really obvious when your dog is...
dog elbow dysplasia

Large Dog Elbow Dysplasia

We’ve all heard about hip dysplasia in dogs, but did you know that they can also suffer from elbow dysplasia? It’s true and that’s why we wanted to bring you some more information about...
cat safety tips

5 Important Cat Safety Tips

Cats are known for entertaining the masses and for getting themselves in interesting predicaments, to say the least. Maybe it's their curious natures, maybe it's their comical personalities; whatever it is, there's no question...
depressed cat

Is Your Pet Depressed?

Animals, just like humans, have all kinds of emotions. We typically perceive them as being happy, excited or maybe just tired, more than anything else. It's important to know that pets actually can become...
yellow cat syndrome

Everything You Need to Know About Yellow Cat Syndrome

Yellow cat syndrome occurs when your cat becomes jaundiced and her skin and eyes take on a yellow tinge. This doesn’t mean that your cat is suffering from liver disease or even hepatitis but it...
dog skin irritation

Caring For Your Dog’s Summer Skin Irritations

Dogs are carefree and most love to be outdoors, especially in the summer months when they are free to frolic and play with other dogs and humans who are also outdoors. In the midst...
summer safety tips dogs

Must-Know Canine Summer Safety Tips

Summer is almost over but its never too late for a Summer Safety Tips Refresher.  Being outside in the summertime is tons of fun for everyone, even your best furry friend. But, just like...


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