Is fish oil good for your dog

Does My Dog Need Fish Oil Supplements?

There's been a lot of hype over the last few years of the benefits of fish oil supplements in the human diet. Fish oil, otherwise known as omega 3 fatty acids, are highly beneficial...
french bulldog puppy vaccinations

Puppy Vaccinations Schedule and Tips

After you adopt a puppy, be sure to keep to keep to a puppy vaccinations schedule. Just like with human babies, puppies also need protection from certain viruses and illnesses. Why Puppy Vaccinations are Important When first...
ibuprofen and your pets

The Dangers of Ibuprofen for Pets

Before using Ibuprofen for pets, it's important to learn of the dangers involved.It's upsetting when pets are hurting. Whether it's a sudden injury or something that's crept up with age, most pet owners want...
Sad dog in crate

Dog Boarding vs. Pet Sitting? Which is Better for Your Pet?

Which is better, dog boarding or pet sitting? Going out of town for a vacation or overnight trip requires planning – especially if you have kids and pets. Kids can come with their parents...
Heimlich on your dog

How to Perform Heimlich Maneuver on Your Dog – Save Him From Choking

If you're a dog owner, you probably already know Fido will chew on just about anything and hard to get your dog to stop chewing on everything - food or not. Bones, toys, treats,...
What to do if your dog gets car sick

Riding in Cars with Dogs: What to do if Your Dog Gets Car Sick

Motion sickness is a very common thing. If you're prone to it, you know  it can make your trip miserable. The same is true for dogs who get car sick. It’s no fun for them, or...
dog bones safety

Are Bones A Safe Treat For Dogs?

Dogs and bones go together like peanut butter and jelly. It seems as though the two are an inseparable attraction, as if there's no other treat that would make a dog so happy. Canines...
Essential Oils For Your Pet Injury

Essential Oils For Dog Wounds

If your dog has a wound, the first step to take is to clean the wound and inspect it for severity. Some wounds require medical attention; if this is the case, seek veterinary care....
Are Fleas Becoming Immune

Are fleas becoming immune?

A Google search for “Are fleas becoming immune?” will result in a repeat of this question paired with “Frontline” for the majority of the hits on page one of Google.  The reading is interesting,...
Best Dog Shampoos

The Top 10 Best Dog Shampoos For Your Pooch!

We love our canine kids, but sometimes, they don’t smell very good.  It’s interesting that some dogs smell worse than others, but with their propensity to get into smelly things outside like poop and...
Tips for giving your cat a bath

8 Steps to Bathing Your Cat

If you’re a cat owner, you may dread the task of bathing your cat.  Likewise, cats seem to have a sixth sense as to when you’re even considering giving them a dip in the...
Getting rid of the dog smell

The Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of That Pet Smell

We love our animals and having them hang out with us inside for as much togetherness as we can get, but there is one thing everyone can do without and that is pet odor....
Treating your dogs dry skin

Treating Your Dog’s Dry Skin

Just because your furry friend is itchy, does not mean he has fleas. Many times, pet owners revert to believe their animal has fleas at the slightest sign of an itch. However, if you...
Dog Skin Care, Flea and Tick

Dry Skin, Fleas Or Mites? How To Tell The Difference

When it comes to pesky little critters invading your beloved pets, it is never fun trying to distinguish what they are and how they got there. However, it can be also hard to distinguish...
Flea Allergies

Dog and Cat Flea Allergies Symptoms and Treatments

It's that time of year again when pet owners need to be on the lookout for all the little pests that cause our pets grief. Fleas, ticks, mites and the like can cause miserable...
World Veterinarian Day

World Veterinary Day: Why Not Honor Your Vet?

Happy World Veterinary Day to all who take the time to care for pets, livestock, and other creatures and critters!Technically, this year's World Veterinary Day (it's on April 27th)  is meant to raise awareness...
Little sick puppy

What Can You Do If You Bought A Sick Puppy?

No one wants to be faced with a sick pet. It is a helpless feeling when your pet is not feeling well.  They cannot tell you what is wrong and seeing the sad face...
what to look for in veterinarians

11 Things to Look for in a Veterinarian

As a pet owner myself, I'll tell you right off the bat that I travel an hour one way to take my dogs to the vet. This is simply because I absolutely love the...


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