6 Tips For Helping Prevent Dog Cancer

Losing a dog to cancer is one of the hardest things to endure. We hate to see our pets die, but fighting such a terrible illness, and seeing the toll it takes on their health in the process is part of what makes it so hard. Sometimes we wonder if there’s anything that we could have done differently to keep dog cancer away. Truth be told, sometimes these things happen for reasons untold; but other times, with some proactive care, health issues like cancer can be avoided.

prevent dog cancer

Feed Them Good Food

The further we get in science, technology and just learning more about living organisms like humans and dogs, the more we realize the impact that our diets have on our health longterm. Chemicals, hormones, preservatives and just general “junk” have significant negative impacts long term, and in excess some of these chemicals have been linked to cancer in dogs. Some dog food is cheap for a reason: it’s made from chemicals and “fake” foods, and has been modified to have a long shelf life. Avoid giving your dog these chemical stuffed foods, and instead opt for organic kibble. It may be more expensive, but it’ll be worth it for your pup.

Give Them a Well Rounded Diet

Don’t overload your dog on any one food. Rather, make sure that you’re giving your dog the diet and nutrients they need. This will likely happen more easily if the food your feeding your dog is organic. Take extra care, though, by talking to your vet to seeing if there’s any supplement or nutrient that your dog should be getting that he may not be.

Exercise Them Often

Stagnant lifestyles are just as bad for pups as for humans. Granted, different dogs need different amounts of exercise, but in general- they all need to move. Dogs who don’t exercise are more prone to health issues – obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and cancer, to name a few.

Slip Some Calcium In Their Diet

Bone cancer is one of the most common cancers for dogs. Their bodies are worked hard in their lives, and quite simply things break down as they age. Help them keep their bones strong by slipping some calcium into their diets. They’ll have healthier bones because of it, and their chances for bone cancer will significantly lessen.  

Don’t Ignore Check Ups

Many people view regular check ups at the vet’s office as a waste of time. They say things like, “My dog is fine! Nothing wrong now, so it would be a waste of time and money to go.” Don’t wait until something is wrong to go to the vet – at that point it’s often too late. Be proactive in treating his health, understanding that the vet can detect things that you may not pick up on – early signs of cancer included.

Don’t Ignore Recommended Vaccinations

Do your research to determine what dog vaccines are really necessary, and don’t ignore the ones that are. Vaccines are there to keep your dog healthy for the length of his life, and to ignore one for cost purposes is to neglect that part of his health and to make him more vulnerable to illnesses like cancer.

Cancer is serious for dogs and often can’t be treated. Do what you can now to prevent it so that you don’t have to live with the possibility of losing your pup to this dreaded disease.

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Do you know of other tips to help prevent dog cancer?


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