How to Help Pets Cope with Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety affects many dogs left home alone. All dogs are working dogs in the sense that they want to provide companionship and love. That job is a lot easier during the summer months for households with children. Additionally, many adults who take Fridays off during the week or parents who are changing their hours to spend more time at home with the kids. So it can be pretty traumatic when a pet dog or cat suddenly finds itself home alone at the end of the season, or at any time of the year.

Some pets don’t handle being left alone very well. You don’t want to come home to find shredded furniture or worse while your pet copes with no humans within the home. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks that can help a family pet feel secure while waiting for everybody to return home.

Reference – Causes Of Dog Separation Anxiety

Tips on How you can Help Your Pet with Separation Anxiety

Don’t Make A Big Deal When Leaving

Don’t make a big deal out of leaving the house. It’s tempting to cuddle and kiss your pets goodbye, but making that part of the routine just leaves them associating kisses and cuddles with being left alone. Don’t make a big deal out of returning, either. We know that’s tempting, but your pets suffering from this disorder do need help to accept that coming and going is common. You can always use CBD dog treats in such cases as well. They will help your dog deal with anxiety more easily.

Exercise Your Dog Before Leaving

It’s an excellent idea to give your dog some exercise before leaving it home alone. It’s not a bad idea for you, either, especially if you can work in the morning walk every day.

Dog Toys

Toys are important, but you can also get creative nowadays. There are plenty of products that offer dangerous intrigue for cats and dogs. We like the Babble Ball for cats, especially because we won’t be home to hear it. We like the Kyjen Dog Games Puzzle for dogs. And don’t forget the simple (and cheap) things like paper bags and balls of yarn for cats. There are also DVDs to entertain dogs and cats.

Doggie Beds

Dog Beds are a good idea. It gives pets a place to call their own, and they won’t be as prone to wander and get into mischief. Don’t forget that colors matter to a dog. Something bright is a good idea. Put the comfortable item in a space away from the main entrance to your home. You don’t want the animal getting wound up over sounds outside. Any pet’s survival instincts prefer having their shelter (and, for cats, litter boxes) in a corner, too. Feng Shui experts say that you shouldn’t have a pet’s bed near a hallway. It dissipates their psychic energy. Some people won’t worry about that.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to spare your pets any food during this stressful period. Technology has improved in pet feeders for dogs and cats. We especially like the Bergan Petite Gourmet Combo. It’s a quick fix to an old problem and should make it easier than ever for your pets to get used to life on their own for short periods of time.

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