Doug The Pug Is Literally You

Q: What has way more Instagram followers than you, incredible style and four legs? A: Doug the Pug 

This curly-tailed cutie from Nashville has been sweeping the media by storm. This tiny pup has managed to rack up hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and one million on Facebook! The all-too-relatable posts and adorable pug face has made it impossible for anyone to not want to follow him and his escapades.



The owner behind the pug? Leslie Mosier, a freelance graphic designer in Nashville, Tennessee. She has a true passion for photographing her pup in cute clothes and silly situations. Typically, she’ll post 2-3 new photos of Doug per day and each has its own funny or all-too-real caption. This photogenic pup can really rock anything his owner puts on him.


“People really like seeing something cute and fun that they can relate to themselves personally,” Mosier says about Doug’s fame in an interview with The Today Show. “I like to say that Doug is an outward expression of me. You know, if it’s a Monday morning and I’m really tired and I need coffee, I’ll post a photo of Doug looking really tired, needing coffee and people really seem to relate.”


And for those who consider putting a pup in glasses, hats and onesies to be terrible and cruel, Mosier explains in the Today Show interview that,”He loves getting dressed up, he wags his tail every time!” This dog is certainly a rarity — I don’t think I know any pups that will willingly wear beanies and bow ties.

Did I mention that Doug gives Kim Kardashian a run for her money? In a series by Mashable, Doug mimics the celeb’s best selfies from her book. I think Doug wins, hands down. Is there anything this pup can’t do?

Here are some more of Doug’s adorable photos for your viewing pleasure!





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