This Kitten Has One VERY Unusual Habit

Meet George Cat, a munchkin exotic shorthair cat who has a very unusual habit.

You see, while most cats like exploring the world on four legs, George prefers two. That’s right, the 8-month-old feline has a habit of standing on his hind legs.

george cat

His owners aren’t quite sure how George got into this habit, but it happens quite frequently. “He is a cat, so it’s difficult to judge his motivations. He kind of just does what he wants,” George’s owner Andrew Park told “Sometimes it is because he hears something, sometimes he does it to scope out an area and sometimes it just seems like he feels a bit suspicious of his surroundings. It really is hilarious.”

george cat

Hilarious indeed… and adorable.

Even if George didn’t have this unusual tendency, he is still one of the cutest kittens we’ve ever seen, and, according to Park, he is a real sweetie. “He loves cuddling and being held like a baby. He is also a big-time creature of habit. He wakes me up every morning between 6:45 and 7 a.m., lays on my chest and meows until he gets pet.”

george cat

Obviously, a cat as cute and talented as this needs his own social media accounts. George2Legs as his Instagram is appropriately called has over 21,ooo followers so far. He also has a Facebook and YouTube page, because… obviously!

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