4 Fun Facts about Cats You Didn’t Know

There are some fascinating facts about cats. They often do things that boggle the mind and bring a giggle along the way. However, there are some things that are sometimes overlooked, or never realized that few are aware of when it comes to felines. Here are some fun facts about cats that you didn’t know to shine a new light on just how unique these graceful and majestic creatures really are in the world of animals.

Facts About Cats: They Are Fast!

Facts about cats

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While this isn’t really anything new, especially for anyone who has attempted to give a cat a bath, what is interesting to note is the comparison of their actual speed.  The average domesticated cat may run at 30 miles per hour.  Compare that with the fastest known human runner, Usain Bolt, who has clocked in at a record-breaking 27 miles per hour.  With that in mind, don’t fret any longer that you’re just not quite fast enough to catch up with a cat, since even the record holder couldn’t accomplish the feat, either.

Cats Don’t Have a Sweet Tooth

Facts about Cats
bowl with cat food and two kittens

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Of all the sharp teeth in their mouths, none of them may be blamed for being a sweet one, since cats are unable to even taste sweet treats.  Of course this has nothing to do with their teeth, but, rather, their lack of taste receptors on their tongues.  This is probably a good thing, since they also lack the ability to digest sweets properly.  Know that they prefer the taste of meat over all things, since the taste receptors they do have allow them to taste things within the meat that even we humans are unable to sense.

Cats Have Unique Nose Prints

cat noses prints

photo credit: Maggie Osterberg via photopin cc

Here’s one of the more interesting facts about cats: While felines do not have discernible fingers, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have forensic markings.  Every cat’s nose is ridged in its own unique way, which is much like a human fingerprint.   So, the next time the bag of catnip goes missing, a CSI team would be able to determine which cat burglar was the culprit.  That is, of course, if they could catch them in order to nose print them.  Check out the noses on these 8 Strangest Looking Cat Breeds

Cat Door Flaps are Related to Apples

Cat doors
Cat looking out

While this may not help in a game of Six Degrees of Separation, this is a fun bit of trivia.  Sir Isaac Newton is responsible for inventing the cat door.  He is reported to have owned a cat with kittens, but did not like having them in the house at all times.  He cut out holes for them in a door in order for them to pass freely without interrupting his intellectual activities.

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