Preventing heatstroke in dogs

How To Prevent Heatstroke In Pets

The warmer weather is finally coming back upon us, and we'll soon be spending more time outside. It's at this time of year when we're also a little more prone to want to bring...
Best cities for pets

The Best U.S. Cities for Renters with Pets

Having a pet as a renter can be challenging when you’re trying to find a place to stay. Although more properties are now pet friendly, many rentals still don’t...
cure dog bad breath

The Truth About Your Dog’s Bad Breath And How To Help

Learn whether it's just regular old smelly dog breath, or instead the potential for a bigger problem.
Pet Portrait

The Ultimate Way To Celebrate Your Furry Friend!

It is very important to celebrate your pet’s existence at the correct time. Dogs come into your lives and make spaces in your hearts which no one else can...
what to look for in veterinarians

Finding the Right Vet for Your Pet

As pet owners, we all share one thing in common – we want our pet to be as well cared for (if not better) as we are when we visit our own doctor.  One...
World Veterinarian Day

World Veterinary Day: Why Not Honor Your Vet?

Happy World Veterinary Day to all who take the time to care for pets, livestock, and other creatures and critters! Technically, this year's World Veterinary Day (it's on April 27th)  is meant to raise awareness...
heartworm prevention in dogs and cats

Heartworm Prevention for Cats and Dogs!

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, and for a good reason. Warmer weather is frequently the start of many heartworm problems in pets. Many animals are susceptible to becoming hosts for heartworms, but most...

The Mood Boosting Power of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog does more than just give you an animal to feed and play with. Dogs bring loads of joy and purpose into our lives over the...
Schedule of Dog Vaccinations

A Schedule of Dog Vaccinations

Responsible pet parents know that getting vaccinations for their pets is extremely important in keeping them safe and healthy. For many pet parents, however,...
Dog Dental Care

Proper Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Good dental care for dogs has health benefits besides helping with bad breath. Tips on brushing your dogs teeth.
Seperation Anxiety Dogs

How to Help Pets Cope with Separation Anxiety

Dog Separation Anxiety affects many dogs left home alone. All dogs are working dogs in the sense that they want to provide companionship and...

4 Fun Facts about Cats You Didn’t Know

There are some fascinating facts about cats. They often do things that boggle the mind and bring a giggle along the way. However, there...

Eager to Help Your Dog with Allergies? Six Smart Tips to Manage Their Symptoms

Realizing that your dog might be suffering from allergies is a frustrating situation, to say the least. Nobody wants to watch their pup suffer through...
best apartment dogs

15 Of The Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Let's take a look at the 15 best dog breeds for apartment living! If you're like me, you have dog fever 24/7, but also live...
Friendless Dog Breeds

Friendliest Small Dog Breeds

Adopting a dog involves responsibility and a major change in your lifestyle, that’s why you should consider your family’s lifestyle and what type of...
winter pet care dog

How to Keep Your Animals Safe in Cold Weather

As we roll from fall into winter and the weather turns downright frosty, here are some basic tips about winter pet care. Cats Outside: Some felines...
puppy food guideline

The Ultimate Puppy Food Guideline

Are you planning to welcome a new puppy into your home soon? It’s such an exciting time to bring a new life into your...
cat gender male or female

Should You Adopt A Male or Female Cat?

There are many theories on how cat gender makes all the difference in the world when it comes attitude, affection, behavior and health. Truth be told?...


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