ASPCA’s Kittergarten Graduation!

The is quite possibly the cutest thing you will see all day.

The ASPCA held a graduation ceremony for a group of kittens on Tuesday. The Kittergarten graduation as it’s called, was to celebrate that nearly 300 cats, who are now medically and behavioral ready to be adopted. Many of them came to the organization as neonates and needed extensive care. But now they are ready to move to the ASPCA’s adoption center!

The ceremony was very similar to normal graduations you’ve attended. There were speeches made, diplomas given and of course, caps! “I think the kittens were more interested in the tassels than the speeches, but it’s always playtime for them,” says the ASPCA’s media and communications director, Alison Jimenez. “We are so proud of these little New Yorkers and are excited to see them start their new lives in loving homes.”

The ASPCA’s kitten nursery opened in the summer of this year. During their time at the nursery, kittens receive around-the-clock care from staff and volunteers. Once they received their microchip, vaccinations and they get “fixed,” they can be adopted (so long as they are eight weeks of age!)

One you take a look at these babies, you’ll surely see that they deserved this ceremony, and they deserve a good home! If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a kitten, head over to the ASPCA for more information. ┬áH/T PEOPLE Magazine.

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