When To Take Your Pup To A Dog Trainer

dog training tips, dog trainingWhen you think of your perfect life with a dog, do you envision a cold night curled up by a warm fire, your companion sleeping peacefully next to you? That’s what a lot of people imagine when they think about getting a dog.

The reality is that it’s more likely going to be a tug of war between you and your new pup’s behavior for a while. If you recently adopted a puppy or if you’ve been waiting for her to calm down, you may want to think about puppy class and some training. And guess what? The training is even more for you than her. Here’s some info about when it’s time for dog training and what you can expect.

The Best Time to Start Dog Training

The best time to start training your puppy… or even an adult dog you’ve adopted… is immediately. Dogs love boundaries and, without them, they’ll figure you’re leaving it up to them so they’re going to raise the roof.

If you have a pup between 8 and 12 weeks old, enroll him in a first stage puppy class. This will help both of you learn basic commands and he will learn what to expect from you.

Training can be a blast for you both. Get a clicker and some tasty treats like cooked hot dog or chicken and whenever your precious pup does the thing you’re asking of them, click and treat right away.

Reference: Top Ten Dog Training Tips

Puppy Training Class

This is a great option because it helps socialize your pup with lots of new canine friends and other humans besides those in your family.

Obedience School for Older Dogs

Don’t believe the saying that you can’t teach and old dog new tricks. Senior Dogs want to be with you and make you happy and love to have things to learn and keep them busy.

If you find that your senior dog is having some other issues like separation anxiety or excessive barking and aggression, you will want to find a one-on-one trainer or even a behaviorist to show you how to help your dog get along.

Don’t wait to get your pup or young dog into a class. You will both have fun and learn together!

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