Top Ten Dog Training Tips

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Training a dog requires vigilance, lots of commitment, patience and most importantly, consistency. The ultimate goal is to instill good training habits as well as build a loving bond with your dog. The following dog training tips will prove very helpful in maximizing the training of your dog. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the more consistent you will be with the training procedures, the more likely your dog will learn faster all the acceptable behaviors.

Establish a Training Routine

Just like babies, dogs do their best on regular schedule. A routine teaches them that there are times to play, times to eat and times to potty. Ensure that you take your puppy out frequently, pick a bathroom spot, and put them on regular feeding schedule. For instance, If your dog probably wakes up at night do not make it a big deal, otherwise they will think it’s time to play around, which will make them not want to go back to sleep.

Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Your dog is watching you – maybe even more so than listening to your words. According to an experiment by psychologist Daniel J. Povinelli at the Southwestern Louisiana he found that “dogs were able to instantly interpret the human’s body language four times better than the chimps and more than twice as well as the three-year-olds – even if the human was a complete stranger”.  So if you get frustrated and tense during a training session, your dog will likely pick that up through your body language. So keep it fun and relaxed.

Exercise Is Essential

It’s estimated that 58% of dogs are obese in the U.S. so exercise is essential for your pets health. Daily walks and exercise also help elevate excess energy helping your pet focus and enjoy training time.

Use Yummy, High Quality Dog Treats

Use treats to reinforce positive behavior during training or for good behavior. But follow rule #9 – consistency. Give treats when your dog is doing the right things and not when he is jumping up or otherwise doing things that is not desirable.

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Reinforce the desired behavior

When you reinforce good behavior, you are teaching your dog what is acceptable. However, you also may need to remove reinforces of undesirable behavior. For instance, if you puppy wants to nibble on your hand, you remove you hand.

Take All The Mistakes In Stride

Training cannot always go as you wish. Sometimes you will find that your dog has a few mistakes during the training procedure. This is absolutely normal so don’t get angry about it. If you catch your dog eliminating in a spot they aren’t supposed to, make a startling noise, being careful not to scare them.

Listen To Your Dog

Even dogs needs to be listened too. If they appear uncomfortable every time they meet another dog or person, do not insist that the proceeds to say hello. There’s a reason they are showing you they aren’t comfortable, something that you ought to respect. When you force the issue you may be forcing bigger problems that may prove hard to handle.

Have Realistic Training Expectations

Training a dog successfully takes time. There’s is no way you would expect your dog to know his bathroom spot overnight. You first need to have realistic goals when it comes to your dog changing their behavior and the time it will take for them to adapt. Some behaviors may take longer than others for the dog to completely change and adapt.

Dog Training Consistency Is King

Consistency is the mother of all these training secrets. Whatever method you decide to employ to train your dog, it’s good to be consistent with the routines. There’s no way you would expect your dog to understand when you tell them “off” if they jump on the couch, while someone else in your home says “down.” Consistency will always be the key to your success.

Praise Your Dog

Training a dog is no easy feat. Let’s say you want to train her to eliminate in a certain spot, right? Now if they manage to do it, congratulate them. Take them outside or to the bathroom and congratulate them after eliminating. They will know they are doing the right thing.

Generous Affection

Most dog owners do not have a problem when it comes to being clear they are unhappy. However, some forget the good side. This is a big mistake when training a dog. Give her lots of attention. It is okay sometimes to be a little over the top though.

Confine Your Dog If You Are Unable To Supervise

If you are unable to keep an eye on your dog due to some errands you must run, do not hesitate to restrict them on a space. Crates, introduced properly, should be a safe haven for your pet. Baby gates work great too.




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