The Ultimate Way To Celebrate Your Furry Friend!

It is very important to celebrate your pet’s existence at the correct time. Dogs come into your lives and make spaces in your hearts which no one else can replace.

Taking care of your dog is not the only thing you should be looking forward to, you should constantly be looking forward towards creating memories in his and your limited life span.

I have curated a list of activities which you could perform to create some fun memories on Weekdays, Weekends and once in a while.

Also, I have discussed the ultimate way to celebrate your pet’s existence with a pet portrait from a photo.

What All Can You Do To Create Memories?

On Weekdays:

I know weekdays are very hectic and it is difficult to find the time, but you can swoop in your pet in many activities which you never imagined you could.

  1. Do Your Cardio Sessions Together:

You can run in the park together, or take your pet along for cycling. This is a great way to utilize your time efficiently and create some memories.

  • Swim Your Pet:

You can definitely take him for a swim in your society pool and spend some quality time together, don’t forget to take snaps!

  • Take Your Pet To The Beachside

You can definitely do that once you are back from the office, this will ensure a change of environment for your pup.

  • Book A Time-Slot in your Day Only For Him

You can book a specific slot in the whole day in which you spend the whole time with your pet.

It might include watching the TV together, Snuggling on the bed, Munching some snacks, Playing, Talking, or anything which attracts your undivided attention.

On Weekends:

Weekends are generally stormed with either a lot of work or with plans with your friends. You may ignore them on weekdays but make sure you spend as much time as possible on weekends with your furry friends.

  1. Train Insane

Give various types of training to your pet and keep adding new skills. Giving training is an amazing way to love your dogs.

  • Involve Him In Your Jobs

Go grocery shopping with your dog, you can also grab a coffee together and discuss how life is treating you!

  • Go For A Ride

Take your Pooch with you for long rides together and catch up about the whole week. You can also stop by dog parks so that his social life doesn’t take a toll.

Once In A While:

Talk To Your Dog!

Keep sharing your thoughts to the dog, May it be related to work or personal life. There are many incidents when dogs reacted like humans because they knew what was going on in the house.

You can also share what your dog means to you and how he changed your life!

Take A Day Off

Netflix and Chill! With some air popped popcorn.

You can cook lunch together or simply lay on the bed with your pet. It doesn’t matter until you are spending time with him.

Go For A Holiday

Plan a holiday to somewhere you can take your dog along and bring in some fresh memories and photographs!

Now that you have created some amazing memories it’s time to commemorate them forever!

The Ultimate Way To Celebrate You Furry Friend!

You can cherish your memories forever by getting a handmade pet portrait from photo by PortraitFlip.

Your furry friend would wag his tail in joy when he sees a handmade portrait of himself hanging in the living room.

They have made it very simple to cater to tailored orders by their 3 step online ordering service:

  1. Upload the photos which you want a painting of.
  2. Select one medium from Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Watercolor, Colored Pencil or Acrylic.
  3. Select one framing option among Rolled, Gallery Wrapped or a Frame and place the order.

(You can also add a name to the painting by mentioning it on the order page or when the team contacts you)

They house 100+ Specialist Artist who love painting tail-waggers!

They believe in 100% Satisfaction which fuels them to offer No Questions Asked Return Policy.

Find PortraitFlip:







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