How To Make Your Dog Feel Like Family

Introduce your dog to the family
Happy family sitting together with their dog

When we get a new member of the family, specifically the four legged kind, it is important for that new family member that they feel like an actual part of the group. To do this all you need to do is show them how important they are to you. It’s true that we can’t speak to them verbally, but physically, our message is clear.

Animals need love and attention just like humans and can act out in ways like chewing if they feel left out. In fact, they probably need more attention because their whole lives revolve around ours. When we are out to dinner or at work for the day, our four legged family members do nothing but wait for us to return. That’s why it’s important for us to show them how much we love them especially for new puppies.

Take Your Dog For Walks

If you are a person who has a backyard, then it might be easy to just let your dog outside to do his business. But this isn’t spending quality time with your pup. When we take our dogs for walks, we aren’t only giving them a chance to see new sights and smell new odors, we are spending quality time with them while doing something they love.

It’s great to take our dogs to do the things we love but it is also important to take them to do something they love. Walking them around your neighborhood and introducing your dog to your neighbors is an inexpensive event your pooch will love, and they will love you for it.

 Sharing Your Bed With Your Pet

A good deal of dog owners allow their pups to share their bed at night for a myriad of reasons. Pets help relax us which helps us sleep better and they snuggle like champs. Sleeping with our dogs doesn’t only benefit us, it benefits them as well.

Dogs are derived from wolves and pack animals. They feel safer in numbers and instinctively they want to sleep right next to you. If you want them to sleep on the floor that’s fine, but make sure to put a bed for them in the same room you sleep. This way they feel like part of the pack.

My dogs seem to like my Tempurpedic mattress and I am more than happy to have them snuggle with me. Not only are they reassured that they are a part of our family, we all keep each other warm on a cold fall night, which is an added bonus.

Hang Out With Your Dog

When you have a movie night with your loved ones, make room in the pack for the dog to snuggle with someone. Connections are important to all living things and that especially means our dogs. They crave affection and attention mostly because the have a small well to draw attention.

We get to leave the house all the time and meet new people, go to the store, or out for coffee. Our dogs go where we allow them, or where society allows them, and then they wait at home for us. No wonder they are so excited when we walk through the door.

Take Them On Outings

Just like we enjoy our favorite restaurants and coffee shops, our dogs love the dog park, walking through the woods, and running on the beach. Almost every city has a dog park and a dog beach if it is on a shore. If you live outside of a city or nowhere near a beach, that’s okay.

Everywhere seems to be dog friendly these days and finding a place where you can take your dog for a little outing shouldn’t be too hard to find. A possible option that the whole family could enjoy with the dog would be a picnic in the park. This is a great way for your dog to interact with the whole family and enjoy a setting that is dog friendly.

Feed Them Well

We take special care of what we put into our bodies. This concern shouldn’t be absent when purchasing your dog food. Besides the dog food you purchase for your dog, you could make special meals for him like boiling some chicken breasts and rice. This is nice bland meal of healthy food for your dog.

Other treats for your dog that are healthy include apples, baked sweet potatoes, carrots, and peanut butter. Don’t overdo it with the treats because you don’t want your dog to gain a ton of weight, but a little something once in awhile to reward good behavior doesn’t hurt and it makes the dog feel like family.

Pet Them

Our dogs need to feel our love because they don’t understand what “I love you” means. But that’s not a difficult thing to show them. You simply show your animals you love them by giving them love. This is done with petting and smiles. Our attitudes radiate from us in more ways than just our voices.

If we are angry our pets know it. They know it when we are happy. Show them with your petting that you love them and they will feel like a safe member of your family.


Our pets want love just like the rest of us. This is why when we bring one home, it is very important to let them know they are an important part of your family.



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