Handling Your Puppy’s First Night At Home

Puppy's First night

The first night home with a new puppy is similar to the first night home with a new baby.  There’s a lot of crying for your puppy on the first night, without his mom and siblings because he’s lonely.

Hush, Hush, It’s Sleepy Time

Establish a bedtime routine. Take up puppy’s food and water around six in the evening. Eating stimulates the need to eliminate, which is why you take your puppy out right after a meal. In the context of the new puppy, food and/or water will cause the need to go out during the night, meaning interrupted sleep for you.  He may even go in the house which is a bad habit to start.

Tucker him out. Some early evening playtime will help to ensure that your puppy is tired when you go to bed and, therefore, sleep better.  Right before you turn in, take your puppy out to his potty spot and excitedly praise him for doing his business then bring him back inside.

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Beddie Bye

Experts agree that puppies should be crate trained from the beginning, making the process much easier later on, should you wish for him to sleep in his crate at night and/or when you are not home. It is also advised to have the puppy sleep in your room, but not on the bed.  Placing the crate in your bedroom is comforting.  If you, for whatever reason, do not wish to keep the crate in your room take an article of your clothing and place it in the crate for your smell which will comfort him.

Please Don’t Cry

Unlike babies, puppies shouldn’t be crying from hunger, but they should cry when they need to go out, and when they are lonely. You do not want to start any bad habits, you also don’t want to ignore your pup on the chance that he may have to go out.  If he has been quiet and suddenly barks or whines, it is a good chance he needs to go out.

House Training Your Puppy.

Pick your puppy up and carry him outside.  This will help him hold it until he gets outside.  If he pees in the house the scent of it may cause him to go inside more and you definitely do not want that.  For some time you will need to take him out at least once a night, maybe two, simply because his bladder needs time to grow which will enable him to wait longer.

You will want to pick up your puppy and soothe him at first, but doing so only sets you up for a nightly ritual, and that is definitely detrimental to your sleep.  If, after taking your puppy out, you find that he does not need to potty, bring him back in and put him back in his crate with a few words or a quick pat to settle him down.  Any longer and you risk teaching him that crying earns him some company.  If he will not settle on his own, move him to another room and let him cry it out.  Soon he will see that crying is not the way to get your attention and will give up.

Good Morning!

First thing in the morning, take your puppy out for a potty break.  Be upbeat and encouraging.  The first few nights are tough, but soon your pup will settle down and get into a routine that doesn’t involve getting up at night.

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Do you have any tips for handling a new puppy?


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