Top 5 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Dogs are man’s best friend – especially when man has a wife and kids. But if someone in the family suffers with allergies, getting a furry canine can be a health concern. Listed are the top five dog breeds that don’t shed, providing for less hairy mess in the home and allergy concerns. Dogs are a most popular family pet that just about everybody we know has a story about the dog (or dogs!) they had while they were growing up.  Sadly, today, there are many kids with pet dander allergies who won’t get to have those dog stories.  We have a solution.  While it may not work for everyone with pet dander allergies, those with less severe allergies who also take medication to help control them may find that one of these low shedding dog breeds might just be the perfect fit for their family:

1. Shih Tzu Dogs Don’t Shed

Shih Tzu-Dog Breeds that dont shed

If it’s a little dog with a log of spirit that would make your family happy, the Shih Tzu is the perfect dog for you.  He’s a bundle of hair at eight to sixteen pounds, and he doesn’t shed at all!  He may lose a little hair while getting brushed and washed, but you won’t find piles of his silky hair in the corner of your house.


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