World Veterinary Day: Why Not Honor Your Vet?

World Veterinarian Day

Happy World Veterinary Day to all who take the time to care for pets, livestock, and other creatures and critters!

Technically, this year’s World Veterinary Day (it’s on April 27th)  is meant to raise awareness of properly vaccinating your pets. We still like to use the day–which focuses on a different topic each year–to show our appreciation to our local vet with a gift. Yes, we know that veterinarians aren’t taking care of our pets out of the goodness of our hearts. We’re still lucky enough to have a really great veterinarian who deserves some extra appreciation.

Besides, vets get neglected. When holiday time comes around each year, everyone from the mailman to your manicurist is remembered with a gift or tip. How do you show your veterinarian–and those who assist in the care of your pet in their offices–your appreciation on World Veterinary Day?  Take a look at the thoughtful gift suggestions below and bring some much-deserved sunshine into your veterinarian’s office.

World Veterinary Day Gift Suggestions

A Caricature – Take a trip into your nearest city, mall or town center armed with a picture of your veterinarian and your pet.  You can ask them to craft a beautiful caricature of them together.  Better yet, if you are artistic yourself you can try your own hand at the picture.   Your veterinarian will love it rolled up and tied with a bow or framed to put on the office wall.  This is a personalized gift that they can treasure.

Stepping Stone – Buy a stepping stone kit from your local craft store and imprint your pet’s paw prints in the stone.  You can embellish it with faux gems, seashells, a dog bone or play mouse.  You can personalize it with a message from your family and more specifically your pet with words of thanks.

Gift Basket– A gift basket is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for not only your veterinarian, but the whole office that provides support.  You can choose muffins, cheese/meat/nuts, fresh fruit kabobs or personalize your basket with a theme that matches your veterinarian’s personality.

Gift Certificate– A gift certificate can be a good way to let your veterinarian know that he is important to you and your pet.  He takes care of your family and you would like to offer him a chance to take care of himself.

Personalized Mug or Picture Frame– Many internet sites provide a way for you customize your gifts.  You can order a beautifully personalized mug that says “World’s Greatest Veterinarian” that he can be proud of drinking from and be reminded that his work counts in your eyes.  A personalized picture frame with your pet’s picture in it that says “Thank you for Always Looking Out for Me” from your fur baby to your veterinarian.

Any way you decide to show your appreciation for your veterinarian will most definitely be appreciated on their part.  They take care of your treasured pet through all of their important milestones, so a token of appreciation is most definitely appropriate on World Veterinary Day.


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