15 Questions All Cat Owners Need To Ask Their Vet

Sure, you’ve been bringing your cat to the vet for years, but have you been asking the right questions? There are certain questions you should ask your vet every time you go for a visit. Don’t worry about sounding annoying or wasting anyone’s time, even the smallest¬†concern should be addressed. It’s never safer to assume everything with your feline is normal, if you’ve got a hunch that it’s not. After all, you spend the most time with your cat, and you’ve learned his or her behavior very well over the years. If there’s a change, it should be brought up. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 15 veterinary questions you should always ask about your cat.

Why does she bite me?


There’s definitely a difference between love bites and actual, hard bites. A hard bite could indicate your cat is aggressive or you’ve aggravated a sensitive areas. It’s important to let your vet know when this occurs.¬†


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