ANSWERED: Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

My sister has a cat who loves to bite my feet. When this happens, she often calls them love bites. I just call them bites, because they hurt, and let’s face it, it can be pretty annoying. That’s why, today we’re tackling the topic “why does my cat bite me?”

There are so many reasons why your cat is biting you. First, we need to determine whether the bite is soft or hard. Cats will typically nip at your hand if you’re playing with them. This is just their way of getting in on the playful action. You’ll know if your cat is just playing because a) the bite shouldn’t break the skin and b) if he or she is demonstrating other playful body language, like gently battling at you with his paws.  However, a bite can also indicate that your cat is done playing with you — sorry, but it happens.

my cat bite me

If your cat’s bite is hard and painful, this could mean your cat is overstimulated. For example, he may become frustrated if he can’t focus his attention if, let’s say, there are too many sounds in the room or too many people are playing with him. Another common occurrence is for your cat to bite you when you’re petting him. The reason for this is pretty simple: sensitivity. Imagine someone rubbing an uncomfortable spot on your body, you wouldn’t be happy about that, and neither would your cat. In this situation, the first initial bite can be beneficial, only because you’re learning what your kitten likes and dislikes.

However, it’s important to note if the biting is consistent and seems like it’s occurring for no reason, it should definitely be brought to your veterinarian’s attention. There could be something medically wrong that is causing your cat to act out.

Do you often ask yourself “why does my cat bite me?”


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