5 Common Cat Health Problems You Should Know About

We know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your cat to make sure she or he is happy and healthy. But unfortunately, even the best pet parents will run into some medical complications with their kitten. That’s why we’re rounding up five of the most common cat health problems that you should know about. The more informed you are on these issues, the better prepared you’ll be to handle them if they come up.

1) Urinary Tract Disease: This could mean as much as frequent urination to a more scary issue of an obstructed urethra. Be sure to check your cat’s litter often for blood, crystals or no urination at all.

2) Obesity: A fat cat might look cute, but carrying all of that extra weight can lead to worse problems such as arthritis.

3) Vomit: We’re sure you’ve seen your cat vomit before, and one-time situations are usually not a cause for concern. However, if your kitten is frequently vomiting, be sure to take her to the vet ASAP.

4) Respiratory Disease: Symptoms include runny noses, sneezing and coughing. “The most common infections in cats are respiratory in nature,” doctor of veterinary medicine Bonnie Beaver told Everyday Health. “Some can be prevented with vaccinations.”

5) Fleas: By far one of the more common cat health problems is fleas. If you notice your cat excessively scratching or actually see little fleas, you must take her to the vet. There, she can be treated properly. It’s also important to practice flea prevention at homeca!

Have you encountered these common cat health problems?


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