5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Vet

An end-of-the-year check up is a great way to make sure your pet is going into 2015 with a clean bill of health. Knowing that your dog or cat has been seen by a veterinarian will give you that extra dose of holiday cheer. But really, no matter what time you visit your pet’s vet, there are always certain questions you must ask. This way you’re making sure any issues or concerns are being taken care of and thoroughly addressed. To help you, we’ve rounded up 10 vet questions you should asking during every visit.

1) How is my pet’s weight/height?

This is so important as animal obesity is on the rise in America. Also, being underweight or overweight could indicate a bigger problem.

2) Do my pet’s teeth and gums look good?

Again, very important as it’s hard for owners to know if their animal is having an oral issue.

3) Is it time for blood work?

Generally, your pet should receive blood work every year — at the very least. In special circumstances, their blood may need to be monitored more often.

4) Should I change my pet’s food?

Many times, a vet will suggest that you change up your dog or cat’s food every so often. Introducing the new food is a process, so it’s great to get tips!

5) Is my pet up-to-date on his/her vaccines?

There’s usually a timeline in which your pet needs to be vaccinated. This is especially true if you have a kitten or puppy.

What are some vet questions you ask every time?


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