Grumpy Cat’s ‘Worst Christmas Ever’ Trailer Is Everything

Just because Grumpy Cat is now a movie star, doesn’t mean she’s happy about it.

The trailer for Grumpy Cat’s “Worst Christmas Ever” was released on October 31st, and it’s pretty much everything. The movie is about a 12-year-old girl looking for a “friend, one that I can depend.” Naturally, that friend is Grumpy Cat, who is anything but jolly about the holiday season.

grumpy cat

Actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza is the voice of unhappy cat, (whose real name, by the way, is Tardar Sauce), and she seems to nail the unenthusiastic vibe that has made this kitty an internet sensation. “Don’t get sappy on me,” she says in the trailer. “Wait, I forgot—it’s a Lifetime movie.” That’s right, the movie, which definitely looks like a laugh-out-loud film for pet lovers, will premier on Lifetime on November 29th. So after the Thanksgiving hoopla and the Black Friday shopping, be sure to check it out… even if Grumpy Cat would prefer you didn’t. “I had a movie trailer once. It was awful,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Watch the trailer for Grumpy Cat’s “Worst Christmas Ever” below, and let us know what you think!

Will you watch Grumpy Cat’s “Worst Christmas Ever”?


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