From Near Death To Instagram Superstar

If you needed further proof that all dogs deserve a second chance, just take a look at Daisy Underbite.

Daisy was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles due to her congenital leg deformity, which makes it very difficult for her to walk. She was rescued and sent to a shelter, where, after two months, she was scheduled to be euthanized. Luckily for Daisy, Sheena Main fell in love and adopted her! Now the pup has over 120,000 Instagram followers, and it’s clear to see why…

Although Daisy has some medical issues (leg deformity, severe underbite, dislocated hips), Main says she’s a very happy puppy who loves attention of other people. Plus, she’s seriously adorable, just take a look: daisy underbite

Main has to get creative when taking care of Daisy because things like walking and eating aren’t easy for her. Main also set up a website, where people can buy Daisy Underbite shirts, stickers, poop bag holders and other cute stuff to help get Daisy new 3D printed prosthetic legs. “Although the wheelchair does help her walk, it does limit her movement a little bit,” Main said in a YouTube video.

daisy underbiteUntil Daisy gets her new legs, Daisy will continue just being the happy girl she is, and will continue to make others happy, and spread awareness for special needs dogs. “By sharing Daisy’s story, I hope that people will look at them in a similar way that I see disabled dogs,” Main told Distractify.

Head over to Daisy’s Instagram for more.

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