Reasons Why Prozac Is Prescribed to your Pet

Reasons Why Prozac Is Prescribed to your PetIn a day and age where Americans take antidepressants more than any other drug, it’s not too surprising that veterinarians also prescribe them for their furry patients such as Pet Prozac. While antidepressants such as Prozac are often prescribed for depression in humans, in pets, they serve a different purpose. After all, when pets are pampered as most are, why would they feel “depressed?”

When a vet prescribes antidepressants, it’s usually to curb anxieties that can lead to injury in the pet or property damage in the home. You may know why your pet is anxious, and be able to help him overcome it in time with training and patience, but often, it’s tough to determine why he feels the way he does, and pet Prozac can help. Here are some of the most common reasons your vet may suggest pet Prozac for your beloved animal companion.

Reasons Why a Vet Prescribes Pet Prozac

Pet Prozac for Separation Anxiety

Many pets hate to be left alone. Being left alone may bring about feelings of abandonment, and the pet doesn’t understand that you’ll return. In cases of severe separation anxiety where the animal damages property or injures himself when left alone, anti-anxiety medication can certainly help him feel calmer while his owner is away.

General or Acute Anxiety in Pets

Pets with bad experiences or improperly socialized with humans and other animals might have a hard time adjusting to new situations, people or other pets. Thunderstorms are another cause of anxiety in animals. These cases can often be treated with mild anti-anxiety meds to help the animal through stressful times.

Prozac for Pets with Compulsive Disorders

It sounds funny, but pets can suffer compulsive disorders such as excessive licking to the point of baldness, tail chasing, fence running and yowling (cats). There’s no discernible reason for the behavior, but antidepressants may help alleviate the stress that causes the animal to do these behaviors.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Pets

As pets age, especially dogs, they can suffer new anxieties that include disorientation, forgetting housebreaking and other behaviors. Anti-anxiety medications may help alleviate the stress and lessen the negative behaviors that come with age.

Can Pet Prozac Resolve Cat Urine Marking

Cats who continue to mark by spraying urine after spaying or neutering may respond positively to medication. Before the vet prescribes such meds, he will conduct diagnostic testing to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical condition causing the cat to mark.

Additional Warnings Regarding Pet Prozac

  1. Prescription medications are not a cure or replacement for proper training. The goal is to administer the meds on a temporary basis to make the animal more receptive to training and eventually change the behavior and eliminate the need for medication.
  2. Keep in mind the side effects of prescription drugs. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether your pets should take them or not.
  3. Behavior changes don’t happen overnight. Medications help, but real change takes time and patience.


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