Unique Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

We love a little chubby dog as much as the next person, but dog obesity is no laughing matter.

Extra weight can be hard to handle on bones and joints, while also affecting¬†organs in your dog’s body. If your dog has been diagnosed with obesity, chances are your vet will change your pup’s food and encourage you to exercise¬†him or her daily. But if you’re getting a little tired of fetch, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some unique ways to exercise with your dog. This fitness tips will not only be super beneficial to your pup, but also to you as they make sure both of you are working up a sweat.

exercise with your dog


We’re big bike buffs, and if you are too, then this is going to be perfect. Basically, as you ride your bike, your dog will run along side of you. You can’t exactly just hold onto your dog’s leash and let the good times roll. In order to bike safely with your dog, you will need an attachment such as BikerDog. This will allow your pup to be at a safe distance, and helps control pulling.


Most dogs love swimming! It’s a great way for them to move their legs easily and just enjoy the good life. Swimming is also a great exercise for humans. However, before you take your dog swimming, test how he or she reacts to water and make sure they can in fact do the doggy paddle.


Yes, you read this correctly. While a lot of yoga enthusiasts aren’t big fans of yoga with your dog, it is a thing. Doga combines meditation, stretching and massages — what’s not to love?


This is a bit more on the traditional size of exercise, but if you hike a unique trail with your pup, it’s definitely going to be a good workout for you and your doggy.

Squat Tease

This just might be the most intense of all the workouts. Basically, when you go into a squat, you’ll hold a dog’s dog and let him sniff it. When you go up, allow the dog to jump up as well to catch his toy.

What are are some unique ways to exercise with your dog?


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