Stopping Canine Cancer: Morris Animal Foundation

Canine cancer is a very real and prevalent problem for our dogs today. There’s one organization that not only raises awareness for dog cancer, but also raises funds to help research causes and find a cure. This organization is Morris Animal Foundation in Colorado.

Who They Are

In 1948, Dr. Mark L. Morris, Sr. started Morris Animal Foundation in order to help a friend whose dog was suffering from kidney disease. What Dr. Morris did was create a custom dog food that improved his friend’s dog’s health so much that he decided to partner with the Hill Packing Company and produce it commercially. This diet was the basis for the very first Hill’s Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet.

What They Do

Morris Animal Foundation helps support scientific research for veterinary medicine. Today, they have invested $92,000,000 for more than 2,300 studies including studies about canine cancer. Because of this funding, there are now better research and diagnostic tools for all the animals in the world. Sadly, there are six million new pet cancer cases diagnosed every year. Families work with veterinarians to treat their pets but, ultimately, are often left with the devastation of a death caused by cancer.

Cancer Studies

The Foundation has helped support cancer studies that have led to better treatment for all dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer, have helped with the development of a test that catches lymphoma far earlier than before and also has helped identify genetic causes for lymphoma.

There is also now a program to help train cancer scientists as well as a repository for a national tissue bank. This tissue bank helps researchers study as many as eight different forms of canine cancer.

Take a Walk

All around the country, Morris Animal Foundation helps fund canine cancer walks to raise money and awareness for canine cancer.

These walks bring together all those who have experienced a cancer diagnosis for their dog. Many of those who walk catch up with each other at other events around the country and are fighting hard to make sure that no one has to lose it dog to cancer.

Check out the Morris Animal Foundation website to see how you can support their efforts.

Do you have experience with dog cancer?

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