How to Keep Your Animals Safe in Cold Weather

As we roll from fall into winter and the weather turns downright frosty, here are some basic tips about winter pet care.

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Outside: Some felines love to go in and out, in and out. But in the winter time, try to keep her inside because she can become disoriented when cold and subject to getting lost or even catnapped.

Cars: Before starting the car, check under the hood. Cats have been known to snooze on top of warm engines. Give the hood a smack before starting the car especially if you know there are outdoor cats in the neighborhood.


ID Tags: In the winter it’s even more crucial that your dog wears an ID tag. They can become lost in a snowstorm and not be able to find their way home.

Wipe ‘Em Down: Give them a good wipe down when they come in from playing outside. This will get salt and other irritants off their paws so they won’t be tempted to lick it off. You can also outfit your dog with booties which helps protect pads and avoids salt and antifreeze from sticking to them.

Coats and Sweaters: While a short haircut is great for the summer, it isn’t for the winter. Dogs need their coats for thermal warmth so leave them longer in winter. Small dogs benefit from a coat or sweater and they look adorable in a turtleneck.

Cars: Never leave your dog in the car in winter as cars act just like mini fridges and can freeze her in no time.

House Training Your Pup: Some pups do not like being outside in winter and, so, you may need to paper train for a while until the weather warms up.

Chow Down: If you have a dog who runs a lot and loves to play outside in the winter, consider feeding him a bit more because he’s burning more calories staying warm. Extra protein is a great idea and it’s a two-fer – the increased protein will keep his coat looking great and his activity level up.

Clean Up: We’ve all heard stories about dogs ingesting antifreeze because it has a sweet taste. Wipe up any spills you find and perhaps think about switching away from ethylene glycol to propylene glycol.

Cats and Dogs

Warmth: Give both cats and dogs a warm, soft bed away from drafts and, if possible, off the floor.

Keep these tips handy as a quick reference for taking care of your beloved pet in the cold months of winter.

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What are some of your basic tips for winter pet care?


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