6 Winter Care Tips For Dogs

winter care tips dogs

Our dogs love, love, love the snow. Frolicking in it is one of their favorite past times during the winter. Even though it’s fun for us and them to do, there are special winter care precautions you must take  to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy this season. There are so many elements that your pup is exposed to during the winter that can be quite dangerous. That’s why we’ve rounded up a little list of  safety tips to follow during the colder months, so you don’t forget the extra care that’s needed during the winter.

1) Antifreeze is found on sidewalks and driveways when the temperature drops. It’s important to make sure you keep your dog away from this as it is highly poisonous.

2) Be sure to clean your pup’s paws after every walk. Salt that is put down on ice can be very irritating for them.

3) We don’t think exercise should come to a halt during the colder month, but it’s important to be mindful of how long you keep your dog outside. Frostbite on ears, tails and feet can happen to pups.

4) Keeping your house warm is a must in the winter! Just be careful of where your pup lays down. Fireplaces and radiators can easily burn your dog.

5) Grooming is so important during the colder months. You want to make sure your dog’s coat is kept nicely to help with insulation.

6) Just like humans, dog’s skin can get a little cracked. Petroleum jelly can help keep pads smoother.

Following these winter care tips can help you and your dog enjoy the best that winter has to offer!

What do you think of our winter care tips?


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