Groom Your Dog At Home Without Making A Mess

If you’re anything like we are, you like saving money sometimes by skipping the groomer and bathing your dogs at home. (See – Are Professional Groomers Worth the Expense)  It’s a connection that means a lot to us and the dog. But what about the bomb shelter your bathroom looks like afterward? Here are some dog grooming tips that will make the process much, much easier!

dog grooming tips

A Good Vacuum

Whether you have a dog with tons of undercoat like a Golden retriever or one that’s clipped short like a cockapoo, having a good vacuum that gets up the hair and any critters like fleas or ticks. And it makes clean up that much easier.

Hair Pickups

Just like you do with dry hair on clothes before you walk out the door, use a hair pickup or lint roller to catch the hair you didn’t get with the vacuum. This can be a sticky roller, washable pickup or even in squeegee form.

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Smock It

Wear a smock before getting into the tub with your pooch. In fact, wear shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops too. Wearing anything that’s “good” will be an invitation to disaster. You can find smocks online for professional groomers. Make sure the one you choose repels water and is washable.

Cotton Dog Towels

We recycle our old bath towels by turning them into dog towels and making sure we have a stack of them sitting alongside the tub together with dog treats. After the bath and the grand shake-off, we use one to get the initial drying done and then spread it out on the floor. The dog jumps out, shakes off more, and the used ones help mop up the water on every surface imaginable.

Paper Towels

Have a roll handy for wiping up any spills and accidents.

Trash Disposal

You know the eight gazillion plastic bags you bring home from the grocery store? Use some of these for trash pick-up.

Rubber Ducky

We bathe our dog in the tub so we make sure there are extra adhesive non-skid stickers on the floor of the tub. If your dog is small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink, get a non- skid mat to keep them feel more secure.

Go All In

After everything is done, toss it all into the wash and get it done for the next grooming go-round.

To get you in the mode for some Dog Grooming, watch these hilarious dog grooming videos.  AWWW:  Puppies & Kittens Taking Baths

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