15 Of The Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Let’s take a look at the 15 best dog breeds for apartment living!

If you’re like me, you have dog fever 24/7, but also live in a small apartment space and are aware that your dream of being a dog mom to no fewer than two¬†St. Bernards and three Great Pyrenees is probably never going to come true. Apartment life is tough on certain breeds of dogs, who need space to run and stay active. They need yards, and let’s be real, you don’t even have a functioning fire escape. But your dog dreams don’t have to die if you are willing to seek out a breed of dog that can more easily adjust to your living space. Let’s take a look at the best apartment dogs for you city dwellers.

Shih Tzu

best apartment dogs Shih Tzu

When Shih Tzus aren’t busy gazing up at you with those big, sparkly eyes, they enjoy a long walk or a romp at the dog park. While they bark when they are alarmed by strangers, Shih Tzus tend to be calm, quiet, loyal, cuddly, and great apartment companions.



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