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How to Boundary Train Your Dog With or Without a Shock Collar

There are two ways to keep your dog on your property. One is to put up a fence. The other is to boundary train...
dog training

When To Take Your Pup To A Dog Trainer

When you think of your perfect life with a dog, do you envision a cold night curled up by a warm fire, your companion...
Dog Training Treats

Best Dog Treats For Training Your Dog

Our Choice For The Best Dog Training Treats When training your dog or puppy, you want to keep small dog training treats ready. The dog...
dog training house breaking

The 411 On House Training Your Dog

One of the most frequently asked questions about training and puppies is this: What is the best way to house train a dog? Some people...
Dog Dental Care

Proper Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Good dental care for dogs has health benefits besides helping with bad breath. Tips on brushing your dogs teeth.
Dogs that dont shed

Top 5 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Dogs are man’s best friend – especially when man has a wife and kids. But if someone in the family suffers with allergies, getting...
Socialize Your Puppy with Other Dogs

How to Introduce a Second Dog Into the Family

Benefits of Having a Second Dog We certainly appreciate the benefits of having a second dog. We have a saved kill-shelter dog who simply didn't...
Pet Portrait

The Ultimate Way To Celebrate Your Furry Friend!

It is very important to celebrate your pet’s existence at the correct time. Dogs come into your lives and...
Friendless Dog Breeds

Friendliest Small Dog Breeds

Adopting a dog involves responsibility and a major change in your lifestyle, that’s why you should consider your family’s lifestyle and what type of...
winter pet care dog

How to Keep Your Animals Safe in Cold Weather

As we roll from fall into winter and the weather turns downright frosty, here are some basic tips about winter pet care. Cats Outside: Some felines...
Puppy's First night

Handling Your Puppy’s First Night At Home

The first night home with a new puppy is similar to the first night home with a new baby.  There’s a lot of crying...
Papillion Dog

Best House Dogs

We all know dogs are man’s best friend, no doubt about it.  We are a nation of dog lovers, and we love all shapes,...
trim your dog's nails at home

Trimming Your Dog’s Nails at Home

Your dog’s nails need clipping on a regular basis, and you can trim your dog’s nails at home. When your pet’s nails are allowed...
Essentials when taking your dog on a hike

Essentials to Have When Taking Your Dog on a Hike

  As the summer comes to a close, you may be planning one last great hike in the great outdoors with your faithful dog by...
The Debate Between Praising vs Disciplining Your Dog

The Debate Between Praising vs Disciplining Your Dog

When it comes to training your dog, you need only spend about one hour of your day scanning a basic Google search to see...
stop dog jumping

Why Dogs Jump Up – And How To Stop It

When it comes to bad dog behavior, jumping up can be the most frustrating and one of the most difficult behaviors to correct. Part...
Outdoor Dog Kennel

Bow Wow How-To: An Outdoor Dog Kennel

If you live in a rural location and have a bit of land, you may want to consider building an outdoor dog kennel rather...
Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

5 Ways To Keep Your Senior Dog Happy

You’ve been best friends with your dog for a decade or more, but you’ve started to notice some changes in your senior dog's behavior...