Best House Dogs

We all know dogs are man’s best friend, no doubt about it.  We are a nation of dog lovers, and we love all shapes, sizes, and breeds, but just like each breed has its strengths, weaknesses, and inbred characteristics, some breeds are better suited to the great indoors.  So which breeds have the honor of being named among the best house dogs?

#1 – Maltese

Maltese - Best House Dog

The Maltese has a lot to offer.  These fluffy, white, incredibly adorable dogs are small, weighing in at 7-8 pounds, do not shed, and have a sweet disposition.  They love to hang out with you for snuggles and play time, but they can also be very content to do their own thing if you are busy with something else.  This makes them a very good fit for families that are on the go, singles who work daily, and everyone in between.  They are small enough to take along when you go, but are content to hang out at home also, and they are very easy to house train.  Maltese do not shed and are great for people with allergies and are great for first time dog owners.


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