The Best Dogs for First Time Dog Owners

Picking the Right Breed for You

Are you thinking of getting a dog? As an aspiring first time dog owner, the first thing you should do is decide WHY you want them in the first place.

Do you want a playmate for your kids? Are you interested in a herding or hunting companion? Maybe you’re looking for a dog that can offer security and protection or the best dog breeds for apartment living?

Once you’ve determined the reason you want to become a first time dog owner, the next things you need to consider are the health, trainability, and reliability of your top choice breeds.

You’ll want to pick a dog whose potential health costs fall inline with your budget, and who’s general temperament is suited to your family’s needs.

For example, if you’re on a tighter budget, you should avoid pugs and other “flat faced” breeds. They have a tendency to develop breathing conditions, which can be costly.

Personally, we at Fourleggedguru always encourage you to adopt, not shop!

If you take this suggestion, mixed breeds may be your only option. However, in determining your preferred breeds, you can narrow down your choice of mixes and find the perfect pet for you!

If you’re unsure which breeds you may want, you should consult with your local vet or shelter on the possibilities.

But here are our suggestions for different first time dog owners:

Seven Breeds for Seven Lifestyles

1) MALTESE – For the busy apartment dweller!

Maltese DogDo you live in a small home or apartment? Are you out of the house for long periods of time, but want that special pup to come home to? If this sounds like you, a Maltese or Maltese mix could be your perfect pet! They require minimal exercise, and are perfectly content sitting around the house relaxing until you get home. They’re small and well suited for apartment living.



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