10 Tips for Choosing the Right Pet

Choosing the Right Pet for You
Choosing the Right Pet for You

Today’s busy households make for some challenges when it comes to owning a pet. Not all pets are right for all people, and knowing what to look for and what to expect from your furry friend is the first step in making sure you get the right companion for you. Here are ten tips that may help you decide if getting a pet is a good idea, and if so, which one would be best.

1. Don’t buy a pet on impulse.

Try not to purchase or adopt a pet on a whim. You may see several animals you absolutely adore, but make your choice a deliberate one where you’ve weighed the pros and cons of owning such an animal. Don’t let your desires or the cuteness of the animal sway your decision.  Always consider adoption before buying from a pet store.

2. Look around.

Don’t take the first animal you see. Take the time to learn about the animals you find and make sure that 1.) You can afford it and its care and 2.) It will fit your lifestyle.  Try to avoid puppy mills. – See – How to avoid Puppy Mills.

3. Visit your local humane society or rescue organization.

Don’t forget about adoption. You never know what you might find at one of these places, and being able to interact with the animals one-on-one will help you decide if the animal is right for you.

4. Make sure your new pet matches your lifestyle.

If you’re a busy person who is seldom home, you’ll want to choose a pet that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Cats tend to be loners and don’t mind spending hours a day alone as long as they have plenty of food and water. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you might like a dog that requires walks and loves to play outside. Think about how you live your life and make a decision based on what’s best for you and your new pet.

5. Think about how much room you have for a pet.

If you live in an apartment, a large dog isn’t a good fit because he will need plenty of room to run outside. Make sure you have enough space for the animal you wish to add to your family.

6. Ask yourself why you want a pet.

Why do you want a pet in the first place? If it’s for companionship, choosing one that’s exceptionally affectionate would be better than getting one that prefers to be alone.

7. Decide if it’s the right time for a pet.

Do you have other pets? Will the new member get along with the old? Are you in good health? You may find out that this is not the perfect time to add a pet to your household.

8. How long are you willing to care for a pet?

Depending on what type of animal you wish to have, you could be in for years and years of care. Decide just how long you’re willing to devote to an animal’s care before choosing one.

9. Are you able to meet all of the animal’s needs?

Again, choose an animal you know you’re capable of caring for. If you can’t meet the time requirements for a dog, don’t get one.

10. Cost.

Besides the initial cost of purchasing or adopting an animal, will you be able to continue paying for its care? Beyond regular maintenance such as feeding and grooming, you will incur vet bills as well.

Choosing the right pet for you takes a little forethought. You should consider all these things before heading out to begin your search.


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