101 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In America


worst puppy mills in america

Dorothy Brecheisen, Dot’s Little Doggies, Inc. Lyndon, KS – Dogs repeatedly found exposed to frigid weather.

Mary Carpenter, Blue Moon Kennels, Melvern, KS – Sixty pages of USDA violations

Roxanne Castens, Ludell, KS – Dogs with sores, hair loss and filthy water.

Pat Crabtree, Crabtree Kennel, St. Francis, KS – Wounded dogs and repeat violations.

Shauna Engelken, Grandview Kennel, Seneca, KS – Years of problems under USDA license; failed state inspection.

Irene Finley, Herington, KS – Failed to correct safety issue after five citations.

Shelli Kershner, Walnut Creek Kennel, Rush Center, KS – Received official warning from USDA.

Michelle Miller, Plum Crazy Kennel, Elk City, KS – Six dogs in need of veterinary care; received warning from state.

Peggy Pierce, Pierce’s Kennels, Narka, KS – Dogs with hair loss and scabs, crawling with fleas; failed six consecutive USDA inspections.

Wayne and Yvonne Sellin, Sellin Kennel, Chapman, KS – Official USDA warning for failure to provide adequate veterinary care.

Marilyn Soukup, Wilson, KS – Puppies in temperatures below freezing.

Shayne Turner, aka David or Michael, Rock Creek Kennel, DBA Clover Acres Farm, Kansas City, KS – Unlicensed kennel with a history.

Darryl and Larry Wilson, D & L Kennels, El Dorado, KS – Dogs exposed to below-freezing cold.


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