101 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In America


worst puppy mills in america

Jamie Bailey, Beaver City, NE – Dogs with moldy food and frozen water; failed four state inspections in a row.

Brenda Carroll, Platsmouth, NE – Dogs in four-degree temperatures with frozen water.

Norma Jean Harders, Boelus, NE – Gravely ill dog left untreated for two days.

Michelle and Michael Hellbusch, Belgrade, NE – Violations at last seven inspections.

Julia Hudson, Malcolm, NE – Failed at least four state inspections in a row.

Daniel and Lizann Miller, McCook, NE – “Extremely thirsty” dogs found pawing at solid ice in water bowls.

Darcy and Jane Perkins, Avoca, NE – Dogs without food or water.

Mitch and Alisa Pesek, Swanton, NE – Dogs Exposed to one-degree temperatures with frozen water.

Larry and Pat Peters, Taylor, NE – More than 14 repeat USDA violations.

Marlon Thomsen, St. Paul, NE – Puppies found shivering in the cold; one dead.

Duane and Sheryl Tietz, Heavens Blessings, Bancroft, NE – Euthanasia by gunshot “could cause severe pain and suffering to the animals,” per inspector.

Kevin and Anne Marie Williams, Ashton, NE – Unacceptable euthanasia method: “lead injection.”


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