101 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In America


worst puppy mills in america

Carolyn and Julie Arends, Julie’s Jewels, Jewell, IA – Puppy’s leg was chewed to the bone.

Karen Baker, Kute Kozy K, Redding, IA – Filthy conditions, rarely inspected.

Fedler Ag Inc., Pee Vine Kennels, West Point, IA – Gravely injured dog entrapped in flooring.

Rodnie Kelley, Kelley’s Kennel, Kellerton, IA – Veterinary violations affecting both dogs and cats.

Platinum Puppies, West Point, IA – Visited five rimes by USDA in 2013 but only passed one inspection; puppies in cages so small they could not stand up.

Connie and Edwin Townsend, Faithful Friends Kennel, Bedford, IA – Dog was so thin you could “visualize the ribs and hip bones,” per inspector.


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