101 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In America


worst puppy mills in america

Kathie and William Blomberg, Locust Creek Farm, Versailles, MO – Dogs with eye disease.

Kay Butler, High Point Kennel, Montgomery City, MO– Nine puppies died in one week; problems found at nine different state inspections in 2013.

Hazel Coleman, Dog-N-Ass Farm, Lebanon, MO – Sick puppy complaints.

Johnny Dake, J & M Kennels, Stover, MO – Dead puppy found lying outside in the cold.

Stacy Farley, Lancaster, MO – Dogs smeared with feces, matted clumps as large as baseballs; mother dog had no water.

Gary and Ruth Ann Goostree, Rafter “G” Kennel, Rocky Comfort, MO – Husky found with tennis ballsized mass.

Jeffrey and Judy Gray, Rothville, MO – Dogs with open wounds and scabs.

Richard Hoffman, Hoffman’s Kennel, Freeburg, MO – Federal inspectors found violations at four different inspections in 2013.

Ron Hughes, Circle H Rotts & Labs, Williamstown, MO – Ten dogs in shelters so small they could not stand up.

Angelia Kochs, Rocky Creek, Inc., Niangua, MO – Bulldogs could barely walk due to long nails curling back against their pads.

Barbara Neubert, Barb’s Pups, Formerly Neubert Kennel and Farms, Vienna, MO – Admitted slaughtering downed cows to feed to dogs; rotting meat infested with maggots found in kennels

Brenda Ponting, Hale, MO – Fined by USDA; repeatedly failed to provide clean water.

Anna Mary Reiff, Rocky Branch Kennel, Latham, MO – Received official warning for repeated failure to provide adequate veterinary care.

Tom and Debra Ritter, Cornerstone Farms, Curryville, MO – State inspectors found dogs with open sores, hair loss, raw skin and fly-bitten ears; website claims cornerstone farm is “AAA” rated by inspectors.

Patricia A Rowe, Rowe’s Family Kennel, Sheridan, MO – Dog shivering in the cold, repeated failure to provide adequate vet care.

Josh L. Souza, Chevorlet Ranch [SIC], Phillipsburg, MO – Received an official warning from the USDA for six different repeat violations; dog with grade 5 heart murmur used for breeding.

Johanna Steele, Lone Sycamore Kennels, Gorin, MO – “Unresponsive” dog found unable to stand, had been injured for three days.

Trina Thomas, Havanese Haven, Elkland, MO – Three USDA warnings for failing to adequately treat bulldog’s eye condition.

David and Esther Troyer, Clark, MO – Injured dogs could not walk normally; received official warning from USDA.

Glenda Watson, Watson’s Puppies 4 U, West Plains, MO – Puppies infested with fleas and ticks, limping and sick dogs, failed seven state inspections, sells online without a USDA license.

Janelle Yates, Cloverleaf Kennel, Willow Springs, MO – Sick dogs and feces throughout the kennel.

Anna and Moses Zimmerman, Ana-Mos Kennel, Barnett, MO – Received official USDA warning for five different repeated problems.


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