101 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In America


puppy mills america

Martha Drozdik and Anthony Drozdik, Ohio Puppy (ohiopuppy.com), Youngstown, OH and West Virginia Puppy, Martinsburg, WV.– Investigated by USDA and Martinsburg, WV Sherriff’s Department for, among other things, selling puppies obtained from unlicensed breeders and transporting puppies from Ohio to West Virginia without a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Roy Miller, Rose Run Kennels, Sugarcreek, OH – Six “no access” inspection attempts in three years.

Andy Troyer, Woodland Kennel, Fredericktown, OH – Dogs repeatedly found with injured/damaged eyes.

Jonas Yoder, Sugar Valley Puppies, Sugarcreek, OH – Multiple dogs found in need of vet care.


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