dangerous household items pets

20 Common Household Items That Can Kill Your Pet

We do everything we can to keep our pets safe. However, there are many things in our households that can easily harm our pets. Unfortunately, many pet parents aren't aware of these common household items. You...
funny dog memes

39 Of The Most Hilarious Adorable Dog Memes

With owning a pup comes a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure you walk, feed and shelter him or her. You also have to make sure you make a dog meme when...
best tv dogs

13 Of The Greatest Movie & Television Dogs Of All Time!

Greatest Movie & Television Dogs Many dog owners take the plunge to finally adopt after seeing or falling in love with a dog on television. Whether it was Lassie, Benji or even Snoopy, television dogs...
sleeping puppy photos

21 Photos Of Puppies Who Are Just Exhausted From Being Cute

Sleeping Puppy Photos Being a puppy is not easy. Do you know all the strength it takes to be so cute and cuddly? Well, it takes a lot! That's why, to honor of the adorable puppies...
white house pets cats

16 Presidential Cats You Totally Didn’t Know About

White House Pets: Cats Edition When it comes to White House pets, there is so much focus is put on presidential dogs. They are the ones who get the photos opts and are always talked about...
Calm dog breeds

10 Delightful Facts About Pekingese Dogs

Pekingese are compact, incredibly fluffy and full of love. Look at their smushed little faces and tell me they would not be the absolute cutest addition to a family. Pekes might be tiny, but...
japanese chin facts

Everything You Need To Know About Japanese Chins!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a Japanese Chin and it changed my life. They are so cute, incredibly timid and well-behaved. While Japanese Chins are a dog, they act like an innocent and well-behaved...
black cat facts

10 Black Cat Facts Everyone Needs To Know

Black cats are typically associated with bad luck and Halloween, am I right? Well, I'm here to tell you that there is way more to this dark feline than bad luck and pumpkins. Here...
dogs ready for summer

11 Dogs Who Are Just REALLY Enjoying Their Summer

Enjoying your summer? Even if you're not, you're absolutely about to. These dogs ready for summer will melt your heart more than the summer heat. 1. Hittin' The Pool  Becca from @bubblebeccapugs is ready for a swim....
unique cat breeds

The 15 Most Unique Cat Breeds

Although many cats seem to be a dime a dozen, certain cats are known for their distinct looks and brilliant personalities. If you ever come across one of these 15 cat breeds, stop to...

10 #TrumpYourCat Felines Trendier Than Donald Trump

This #TrumpYourCat trend is...something. It's a harmless and hilarious trend that basically involves brushing your cat's fur and then using the fur from the brush to form a Donald Trump-style toupee. The fact that...
scottish fold cats

10 Weird (But Cute) Facts About Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold cats are seriously awesome. Their buggy eyes and tiny ears are cool, but they also have a lot of weird (but cute) traits. It's no secret that they're adorable, but there is so much...
pug facts

Why Pugs Are The Best Breed Ever

Pugs are the best creatures that have graced the Earth. That was a bias statement -- not bias because I own a pug, but bias because I am in love with them. Yes, they have...
siberian husky dog

19 Things To Know Before You Adopt A Siberian Husky

There's no doubt that Siberian Huskies are beautiful, beautiful dogs. And did you know they are also a very friendly and active breed? It's true, but those aren't the only qualities of a Siberian Husky. While we...
adopted dogs

28 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Who Just Got Adopted

It breaks our hearts to know how many puppies sit in shelters every day. That's why here at Four Legged Guru, we love stories about adopted dogs. And do you know what's better than...
cats hiding funny photos

22 Cats Who Just Need Some Space From You

Your cat loves you no doubt, but every once in a while he or she might just need some space from you. Whether your feline just wants to take a nap, relax or have a...
water safety tips dog

11 Must-Know Water Safety Tips For Dog Owners

As the warm weather rolls in, you'll be more inclined to start swimming in pools and lakes. Of course you'll want to bring your best friend, your dog, along for the fun. But there...
best funny dog vine

HAHA: 32 Of The Best Dog Vines EVER

We just cannot get our fill of cute dogs, we just can't! And while cute dog photos are great, there's nothing better than a funny dog Vine. Vine is a social media platform that allows...


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