Breed Spotlight: 15 Facts About German Shepherds

German Shepherds are incredible dogs. For many who aren’t German Shepherd owners, knowledge on the breed doesn’t go far beyond knowing that they are typically used as police dogs. But there’s much more to German Shepherds than just that. That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 fun facts about German Shepherds we think everyone, even cat lovers, should know.

They are extremely intelligent:

german shepherds

Dr. Stanley Coren at the University of British Columbia ranked German Shepherds as the third smartest dog breed. Their intelligence makes learning from humans very easy, which part of the reason they make such good rescue dogs.


  1. Great pictures!! Makes me remember when I saw our GSD, Ginger, for the first time 8 years ago. One of our beloved dogs died on the way to the vet; a few months later, a friend of my son said her Uncle had a pup that was being locked in the garage all day. Because they no longer wanted her, they were going to take her to the shelter, so did my son want her? She made the trip down on the Metrolink train with the pup, and I saw this small, forlorn, red and black puppy with one ear up and one ear down. I swooped her into my arms and that was that-she stole our hearts. She was supposedly a mix with Rott, but she has all the GSD features and traits-(both ears eventually stood up-whew!) Thankfully, she survived a bout with Parvo shortly after we got her, and has been the Queen-the Alpha-ever since. Our darling Ginger is getting very gray around the muzzle now, and I try not to look too far ahead. My son is getting married and moving out soon, and it pains him to leave her behind. But she is (and always has been) been MY DOG, so she is in excellent hands. I just enjoy, baby and spoil her every chance I get.

    • Hi there!

      We love stories like thid. It’s sounds like you found your soul puppy and she found her soulmate. We’re guilty of spoiling our dogs, too!

  2. Been breeding and training GSD’s for decades. They are the easiest to train because they want to please and they want to be busy working for you. Even if it’s just to lay down near you. That’s their job. The most versatile breed, GSD’s are used in every field of work even though they are classified as herding dogs. We are retired now, our last female is now 12, her son is 7. Both enjoy play and being loved. But let someone come around they don’t want there, all work now, but never have raised a lip to anyone. Not a tooth shows. Both of our last 2 were breeding. Just retired the male but they still WOW the folks.

    Enjoyed this article but 2 things I disagree with. Other tests show the bite with much more pounds of pressure, up to 4X’s more, then this article and the weight. We bred for temperament and bone. Our male is 115 lbs and mom is 95lbs. Most of our pups are high on the scales. Always beautiful.

    • Hi @deegilson:disqus! Thank you so much for your comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the article. Also, thanks for letting us know about your pups — enjoy every minute with them.

  3. I love the German Shepherd breed. Enzel, a male GSD, was my boyhood dog and we have a female GSD, Elsa, now. I found your shedding comment particularly funny. I’m very familiar with that. We try to brush her at least every other day and it does help a lot. She’s currently 76 lbs so high on your scale. She slender though. Her mom was average but her dad was huge. In my experience, this breed is a great family companion. She is wonderful with my kids (17,6, and 4). Very playful and very loving. I would recommend the GSD to anyone who is looking for a good companion dog as long as they have the energy for one.

  4. LOL!! In other words, they are normal dogs.

    One complaint about the GSD is their heavily articulated angulation in their rear legs. This is akin to the undershot jaw and the inability of Bulldogs to properly breathe.

    The bizarre angulation of GSDs is something I have never gotten used to. This is one reason I would never want to own one. When humans pervert Mother Nature, nothing good can come of it.

  5. my name is jo lynn hollabaugh I got a question I am plain on getting a german sheperd puppy at some time in the future .My question is do the german sheperd dog get along with cats?


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