Reducing Your Pet’s Toxic Load

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Pets suffer from the same kinds of toxic overload people do — and it happens every day. The mount of toxic sludge our best friends are exposed to is monumental from pesticides to chemicals in the home to toxins from vaccinations. We wanted to reach out and see what to recommend to keep your pet safe, healthy and happy. Here’s what we learned.

Pet Toxins

Besides the ones listed above, your dog or cat may be exposed to carcinogens and allergens in food from the manufacturing process, in unfiltered water that contains fluorocarbons and chlorine and even in antibiotics.

Are Toxins in My Pet?

There’s no doubt that your pet is carrying around her own toxic load because she sleeps, eats and plays around chemicals all day long. The biggest issue, of course, is when these toxins build up in your pet and that overload starts to affect her body’s ability to function. There could be enormous repercussions like immune system breakdown and the onset of diseases you had no idea were rising up to strike.

How To Detoxify My Pet

Here are a few steps you can take to remove toxins and a toxic environment.

Water – Make sure to filter all their drinking water. Either get a water filter like Brita or Pur or start buying distilled water.

Indoor Air – No one should be smoking in your home and that’s for the health of your dog or cat as well as the health of your family. An air purifier with a HEPA filter can help and so can using nothing but natural cleaning products. Ditch the air fresheners and that includes plug-ins.

Grooming – Make sure your pet is groomed regularity because that can keep allergens that have settled in his fur and on his skin to a minimum.

Natural Detoxification For My Pet

If you believe in the power of herbs, there are a number of them that can help keep your pet’s organs in peak condition.

Milk thistle helps with liver health, dandelion helps her kidneys and red clover will keep her immune system running well.

Diet To Prevent Toxin

Choose a dog food that has meat, vegetables and fruit as ingredients instead of by-products and meal. And find a zero grain brand as well.  Read More...

All of these tips will help reduce your pet’s toxic load and keep them healthy for a long time.

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