10 Herbs To Improve Your Cat’s Health

Do you live somewhere with a garden or a balcony where you can grow some herbs for your cat?  Depending on the type, cat herbs can really improve your cat’s overall health. The best part is that herbs are typically easy to grow and, while you’re growing some for your cat, you can also grow some for your kitchen. Here are our top 10 cat herbs to grow that will improve your furry friend’s health.  The most important thing to do before using these herbs to treat your cat is to check with your vet.  If you have a local holistic pet store, ask the owner for advice as well.


Cat Thyme

cat herbs thyme

We all think of the herb thyme being used in Italian dishes. Well, cat thyme is a great alternative to catnip if your kitty doesn’t like it. Just a couple of nibbles will help soothe your cat’s digestive system, but be sure to consult with your vet before letting your furry friend have a taste.



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