Can Pets Suffer From Allergies?

You know what it feels like when you suffer from allergies in the spring, summer and fall, but can cats and dogs suffer from allergies just like we do? It turns out that they can and we wanted to make sure that you have the information you need if your pet suddenly develops some cat or dog allergies.


For the most part, cats are immune to a lot of the allergens we are sensitive to, but occasionally, she can have a severe reaction and exhibit symptoms that can be alarming.

Sneezing, coughing and wheezing are all parts of a severe allergic reaction to pollen and mold. Felines can even developed asthma.

Besides the typical runny eyes and nose, cats can have flea bite allergies that cause them to lick or chew the base of their tails as well as chew on their paws.

Typical allergens can include trees, grasses, perfumes, cigarette smoke and even some household cleaning products.

The best way to control your cat’s symptoms, is to determine what she’s allergic to and then prevent that allergen from affecting her. Make sure your pet’s bedding is vacuumed often and bathing your cat once a week may help keep itching and scratching to a minimum.


Just like cats, dogs can suffer the same kinds of allergies and symptoms. And age usually isn’t a factor because allergies can show up at any time.

Dogs can react to dust mites, mold spores, insecticidal shampoos and even some fabrics. They can also have food allergies but it will take serious detective work to find out what substance in the food is causing the allergy.

If you see your dog scratching his ears, rubbing his face against the furniture or has any discoloration of the fur between his toes, you may be seeing signs of allergic reaction. Of particular interest, if your dog has an allergy to grass pollen you may see that show up as licking his paws rather than itchy, watery eyes.

Some dogs – particularly those with pink skin and white fur – are particularly prone to skin allergies that come from flea and tick bites. Sometimes just a single flea will cause a huge problem for these dogs and a strict regimen of flea and tick preventive is suggested.

Make sure to protect your pets as allergy season approaches and in full swing. If you suspect your pet is suffering more than usual, get her to the vet right away.


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