10 Delightful Facts About Pekingese Dogs

4. They aren’t exactly kid-friendly.

Pekingese Facts

 Unlike the Pug, Pekingese are not great for families with small children. This breed will not take kindly to being poked and having their tail pulled. The Pekingese will defend itself–it’s important to be keep careful watch of Pekingese when they interact with children. Of course, this can all be changed if you train your Peke well!


  1. […] Pekingese are perfect for that small apartment. Pekingese might be tiny, but there is a lot of personality packed into their little bodies.  They are very brave and its no wonder they become the guardian of the home. Here are some interesting facts about this adorable little ball of fluff.  Just look at their little faces… why would they not be the absolute cutest addition to any apartment. […]


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