Best Apartment Dogs

Adding a dog to your family and your lifestyle often fills a void but choosing the right pet takes considerable research and thought. When living in small spaces such as a condo or apartment, much thought goes into selecting the best apartment dog to compliment your living space.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Apartment Dog

  • The size of animal – A small to medium size dog can fit more comfortably in tighter living spaces rather than larger breeds like the St. Bernard, Burmese Mountain dog or even a Great Dane. The littler breeds are not only smaller in stature, but their upkeep is  often more minimal than the larger dogs.
  • The dogs energy level and exercise requirements – Calm dog breeds do well in apartments. Reiterating on the size of an apartment dog, the bigger breeds require more space and exercise that comes with access to a yard and frequent daily walks. Smaller dogs can meet their physical needs while playing within their home, necessitating less space to do so.
  • Dog Temperament – Since there are neighbors nearby when living in an apartment, your pet will be in contact with strangers and possibly other dogs within the complex. It is important that you choose a dog with an excellent temperament and friendly disposition.
  • Boisterous behavior – No one enjoys listening to a barking dog at all times of the day and night, especially when living in close, tight quarters. Select a dog breed that is not known for continual loud barking.

Choosing an apartment dog with these listed qualities will provide for a loving, happy home environment.

Some recommended dog breeds that could fit into a smaller living environment are:


pekingese facts
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