Best Apartment Dogs

The American Staffordshire Terrier by Sally WehnerThe American Staffordshire terrier, most commonly referred to as the Pitbull Terrier is labeled with a poor reputation due to the errors of humans. If adopted from reputable breeders, the breed can be the most lovable, easy care apartment dog of choice. They do require regular exercise through frequent daily walks but are otherwise quiet and content to live in small spaces. Originally bred as “bait dogs” and becoming “nanny dogs” because of their love and gentleness around children, the breed has become a very popular family dog.


  1. […] Pugs are the best creatures that have graced the Earth. That was a bias statement — not bias because I own a pug, but bias because I am in love with them. Yes, they have those adorable squished faces and curly tails, but here are 15 pug facts that will make you love them even more. […]


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