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5 Things to Know Before You Start Volunteering With Dogs

  If you have been considering volunteering your free time spending time with dogs at a shelter, your heart is in the right place. Shelter...
Dog Dental Care

Proper Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Good dental care for dogs has health benefits besides helping with bad breath. Tips on brushing your dogs teeth.
heartworm prevention in dogs and cats

Heartworm Prevention for Cats and Dogs!

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, and for a good reason. Warmer weather is frequently the start of many heartworm problems in pets. Many...
Papillion Dog

Best House Dogs

We all know dogs are man’s best friend, no doubt about it.  We are a nation of dog lovers, and we love all shapes,...
dog farting a lot

Why Do Dogs Fart So Much? (And How You Can Help)

It's funny once or twice, but beyond that it becomes quite disgusting and excessive – nevertheless, many dogs struggle with gas. All dogs, in...
Mange dog cat

The Seriousness Of Mange In Cats & Dogs

One of the scariest diseases that can attack both dogs and cats is mange. Not many pet parents understand the seriousness of the disease....
Large dogs

Common Health Issues That Affect Large Dogs

If you're a fan of Rottweilers or Great Danes, you definitely should know about the health issues that affect large dogs.  While these are...
stop dog jumping

Why Dogs Jump Up – And How To Stop It

When it comes to bad dog behavior, jumping up can be the most frustrating and one of the most difficult behaviors to correct. Part...
celebrity dogs ryan gosling george

15 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Their Dogs

We're in love with dogs, but really, who isn't? Even celebrities find time to dote on their furry friends. In fact, some of these...
dogs ready for summer

11 Dogs Who Are Just REALLY Enjoying Their Summer

Enjoying your summer? Even if you're not, you're absolutely about to. These dogs ready for summer will melt your heart more than the summer heat. 1. Hittin'... - by Stephen Bowler

Best Apartment Dogs

Adding a dog to your family and your lifestyle often fills a void but choosing the right pet takes considerable research and thought. When...
Can Dogs Get Ebola

Can Dogs Get Ebola?

It's one of the biggest questions being asked today.
Best Dogs for first time owners

The Best Dogs for First Time Dog Owners

Picking the Right Breed for You Are you thinking of getting a dog? As an aspiring first time dog owner, the first thing you should do is decide WHY...
funny dog jokes

22 Of The Funniest Dogs Jokes Ever

The only thing cuter than a dog, is a dog that's smiling. Don't believe us? Just take a look at these 22 photos of...
What to do if your dog gets car sick

Riding in Cars with Dogs: What to do if Your Dog Gets Car Sick

Motion sickness is a very common thing. If you're prone to it, you know  it can make your trip miserable. The same is true for...
dog bones safety

Are Bones A Safe Treat For Dogs?

Dogs and bones go together like peanut butter and jelly. It seems as though the two are an inseparable attraction, as if there's no...
stylish dogs instagram

15 Of The Best Dressed Dogs

Nothing is cuter than puppies wearing tiny clothes, am I right? These stylish dogs are going to make you wish their outfits came in human...
Habersham County Georgia Puppy Mill

Dogs from Largest Puppy Mill in Habersham County, Georgia Get a Second Chance

Puppy mills continue to be a problem in our country, with the animals falling victim to the abuse and neglect. The Humane Society of...