Dogs from Largest Puppy Mill in Habersham County, Georgia Get a Second Chance

Habersham County Georgia Puppy Mill
Habersham County Georgia Puppy Mill – Image Courtesy Humane Society U.S.

Puppy mills continue to be a problem in our country, with the animals falling victim to the abuse and neglect. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are about 10,000 puppy mills in service right now across the USA.  Amidst the quiet, peaceful days of spring, folks in the Habersham County, Georgia area felt alarmed by the lingering sounds of barking morning, noon and night. An anonymous caller finally called in and complained about the dog barking, leading to officers being summoned to the area. What they found was horrifying as they fell upon one of the state’s largest puppy mills

The findings of the Habersham County Department of Animal Control

As they arrived on the scene of the reported disturbance, officers were alarmed to find hundreds of animals confined in deplorable conditions. Dogs were living in mud and feces within tiny crates and tubs all crammed together. Some of the dogs with longer hair were so matted that they could barely move, eat or walk. A separate shed housed smaller dogs living in stacked crates full of feces and urine. Some of the animals were young puppies while others were older, scared and cowering. Among the 450 animals, there were dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, doves, bunnies, donkeys, an alpaca and a horse, all living in unsafe, unsanitary conditions. Many of the animals were in need of immediate veterinary attention. After the initial investigation and findings, officers called in the Humane Society of the United States and their Animal Rescue Team.

Habersham County Puppy Mill

Habersham County Puppy Mill
Habersham County Puppy Mill

HSUS Animal Rescue come in to remove the animals

When arriving on the scene, the Director of the Habersham County Animal Control, Madi Hawkins was horrified by what she saw, affirming that no one ever expects to uncover a situation of this magnitude so close to home. Manager of animal crimes, Jessica Lauginiger with the HSUS stated that animals should never be forced to live in such horrifying conditions as what she witnessed. It was very difficult for these representatives to observe such a heartbreaking case of animal cruelty. Rescue teams with the HSUS removed the animals and transported them to temporary emergency shelters, with each undergoing immediate medical care. As part of the efforts to find placement for the animals victimized in this puppy mill situation, the Angels of Assisi from Roanoke, Virginia were asked to take some of the dogs. Other shelters out of state were requested to take on several of the animals after all were signed over to the HSUS to prevent any legal hurdles.

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The efforts of Angels of Assisi

More than 50 dogs were on their way to Roanoke, Virgina under the care of the Angels of Assisi. They immediately prepared for the care of the animals with crates, puppy pads and towels so that the dogs will feel comfort like they never have prior. Most of the animals only know the feel of wire crates, feces, and filth on their paws. Director Matthew Brown with the Angels of Assisi Adoption Center commented that all the animals would require baths, grooming and a lot of TLC after they arrive in Virginia. Each dog undergoes a thorough medical exam to get a clean bill of health. The effort is to socialize the animals while building a trust with them so they can eventually be adoptable. The Angels of Assisi were asked to help in this disturbing puppy mill case because of how they treat and re-home animals with great success. The investigation of this large-scale case is still ongoing and charges pending.

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