What You Need To Know About Pet Hospice Care

pet hospice careHospice or end-of-life care is something many of us are familiar with when it comes to humans. However, pet hospice is definitely an option many pet owners are unaware of.

Pet Hospice Care

When dealing with a sick or terminal ill pet, many owners opt for euthanization, and there is nothing wrong with that. The main concern should always be making sure your pet is not in pain and is living a life you would want them to live. However, if you oppose euthanization, are not ready to say goodbye just yet or your pet isn’t in significant pain, you may want to consider hospice.

Pet hospice is a bit different from how we know it to work with humans. For example, according to the ASPCA, it is difficult to find a place that will board and care for your animal if you cannot do so in your own home. It’s also important to note that finding a veterinarian who practices hospice care can be difficult.

What To Consider Before Pet Hospice

Before starting hospice care, you need to consult with your pet’s vet. He or she will know if it’s a viable option and may be able to recommend a vet who practices hospice care. Again, it’s important to note, you do not want your pet to live in pain, and your vet will be able to leave emotions out of it, and explain if this is the right course.

Remember, hospice care at home can severely disrupt your routines, and you will need someone around the clock to be there providing comfort for your dog or cat.  This person will monitor your pet’s behavior and notify the vet of any significant changes.

If your pet is able to pass naturally and without pain, your vet will definitely let you know. However, even with hospice care, euthanization may be inevitable. Before deciding anything, be sure to talk with your vet about all of your options.

Remember, losing a pet is never easy, but sometimes letting go is the best thing for them.

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